More Randomness

It doesn't matter how good of a blowjob is given, if the blower accidentally squashes one of the blowees testicles after the job is done, the whole thing is deemed a failure.

I found this site where a little Irish girl is making prank phone calls - priceless. Her Irish lilt just makes them so much more humorous.

The dogs run from me now when I point the camera at them. I think I'm wearing out their retinas with the flash.

I'll smile the first time.Geez, quit blinding me already!

Is it just me, or is Tiny giving me the evil eye in the second photo?


patti_cake said...

Hehe... hey in my book you get an A for effort. Men are so freakin' whiny about those pesky testicles.

Tiny is TOTALLY giving you the stink eye LOL

Amy said...

All that effort and it was deemed a failure? Men... pfft!

And, yes, Tiny looks completely annoyed with you.

bekah said...

It's just ONE squashed testicle. He's got two! Tell him to get over it!

Prinny got so frustrated with me when I'd take her picture using flash that she'd automatically shut her eyes everytime I get my camera up to my face. I have plenty of photographs with her eyes closed, the little brat.

Thomas Vickers said...

Men are never "WHINY" about testicles.
Women just don't get it. THEY HURT WHEN YOU SMASH THEM. Two of them hurt twice as much.

Tiny is mad doggin you. I would't take that from a dog.
No treats for Tiny dog.


Joey Polanski said...

Course, if evry chick that evr gives a blowjob finishs by bustin a nut, it wont be long bfore you hear guys sayin, "No, I dont realy want a blowjob right now, thankyouverymuch."

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Tiny looks like she is on drugs in that second picture...not annoyed, but stoned! (lol)...
LOVEED "Becky"...and you are so right...the Irish lilt adds a dimension plus there is a sweet innocent sound in her voice...a killer combination...I LOVED the people's reaction to her, too....Everyone seemed glad for the very cute diversion....especially the Spare Tire Guy who warmed up really wonderfully...
Poor Sweety...a smashed ball....OY! It hurts me to think about it...so glad I have never had to deal with "balls" being crushed or smashed...lol!

Midwestern City Boy said...

I've know more than one guy who ended up walking bow-legged for a while because of an accident. (Think playing football and being involved in a violent collision without a protective cup.) So, as long as Sweety is walking normally, he's doing much better than they were.

Chickie said...

Patti_Cake - I'll take the A for effort. Tiny is getting really pissed with me.

Amy - Isn't it funny how picky men are? I thought any touch to the penis was a good one!

- He's so overprotective of the nutsack. I thought you had 2 in there so there was a spare one.

The dogs just flat hide from me now when the hear the camera come on.

Thomas Vickers - You know what a mean part of me wants to do? Grab hold of both of them and squeeze sometime. Just to see what would happen.

No treats for Tiny. She's on a diet anyway.

Joey Polanski - I should give classes on what to do to get your man to never want another blowjob. Could I get a job at PU?

OOLOTH - I could only imagine the shit she would eat if she were stoned!

The spare tire one was my favorite. It was cute how people played along.

Balls just seem like they should be on the inside of the body to me. Like they are guts that got left outside or something.

Midwestern City Boy - Ouch, walking bow-legged?! I'll tell Sweety to be happy with his mild injury.

Anonymous said...

I think you've turned me off of blowjobs. Thanks.

jedimacfan said...

Chickie, BJs are still worth the risk IMHO :)

Anonymous said...

If you would flash some food in front of Tiny I am sure that evil eye would disappear immediately.

Somebody should invent testicle bumpers for just such an occasion.

jedimacfan said...

Mike: I dunno about testicle bumpers, but I have heard of bumper testicles before.

The Phosgene Kid said...

That's definetly the "enough of this shit already" look. Seen it many a time around the tiny house.

Regal said...

Tiny is defintely giving you the hairy eyeball!

Chickie said...

Malnurtured Snay - Geez, don't be a quitter!

JediMacFan - That is the spirit! What a little jab to the testicles if it's all in good fun? And I love the link. I'd seen those on trucks before and not realized what they were.

Mike - Food does seem to soften her right up. But then she's hopping around to crazy to photograph. I think, if you'd invent them, that you'd have the testicle bumper market cornered.

The Phosgene Kid - The look must be universal amongst canines.

- She's certainly been practicing it!