Making Fun

Saturday was the boys' last flag football game. Thank you and amen! It was quite a game. There was a lot of parent participation from the sidelines (I thought the police were going to be called.) and it was just a big ol' clusterfuck.

Since I happened to have my camera with me, I decided to photograph this fellow that I've been watching all season.

I call him "Q-Tip".

One COOL Motherfucker

I think he did this to himself 15 years ago and just hasn't looked in the mirror since. And his attitude is just what you'd expect from him.


Anonymous said...

I think you should call him "penis top."

patti_cake said...

Oh my!
I love the look he is giving you. He looks like a major ass.
He reminds me of a white "Kid" (of House Party/Kid N Play)

MollyNormal said...

Duuuuuuuude! That guy is hawt!!! :)

bekah said...

Looks like his hair is made from the same material of my toilet bowl brush.

Anonymous said...

I bet his t-shirt has as much 'tude as he.

Anonymous said...

Hey...that Dude has a dead animal on his head. Maybe it's a possum or something but it's definitely dead and it's definitely on his head.

And yeah, he looks like a dick head.

Becky said...

You should have pointed and laughed. A lot.

Then maybe do it to his crotch. *snort*

Joey Polanski said...

Ill thank you to remove that pitchr o me from yer blog.

-- Q-Tipski

Chickie said...

Malnurtured Snay - "penis top" would be too obvious. And I would feel bad calling him that in front of my stepsons.

Patti_Cake - You're right! I knew he reminded me of somebody! It's that Kid guy!

MollyNormal - Hey, come down to Florida. I'll hook you up!

Bekah - It is.

Cissy Strutt - Oh yeah, it was one of those that was just a wee bit too fitted. Like he needs to do anything else to draw the eye.

Mike - I'm pretty sure it's a dead, mangy, albino rat.

Becky - I was cracking up. And luckily, he didn't know I was taking pictures. He was on the opposite side of the field from me and I was pretending to take photos of the kids.

Q-Tipski - You know you love the attention!

jedimacfan said...

My first thought was that he looked like the dude from the old school Duracell coppertop commercial. Remember the guy with the blond hair and muscular build? Unfortunately, various googling brought up nothing to compare it too, so perhaps my memory is not as good as I thought...

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

He is something!! What do you suppose he is thinking with that flat toppped cropped carrot-look???
LOL! Well, whatever makes you happy....only, he doesn't look all that happy, does he? And you really caught "the Attitude" Chickie....! Good Picture!

Chickie said...

JediMacFan - I don't remember the Duracell guy. I thought the only people that sold batteries were the ones with the pink bunny.

OOLOTH - I tell you what he was thinking, "I need to go yell at my team of 8 to 10 year old football players!" because that's what he did right after I took the picture.