New Furniture!

We're getting a new bedroom set on TUESDAY! Woo hoo! I can't wait! I can't wait to get the shit out of my house that the cuntofanexwife used to have her grubby hooks on!


The stuff with the red x's? We're not getting those things. I've never seen a dresser without a mirror but Sweety pointed out that we don't use the dresser mirror anyway - and he wants to put a flat screen t.v. on the wall there instead. This will totally violate my rule about no t.v. in the bedroom but I realize that sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war. Is it just me or is it weird to have no mirror above your dresser but a t.v. instead?

And I'll have an armoire to HANG clothes in! Woo hoo! As of now, there is NO closet in the bedroom. I can't wait to use hangers again!

Of course, I will post photos once my stuff gets here so you can check it out in it's new habitat.

I'm thinking of asking Sweety to make a headboard to compliment our furniture for Stinky's new bed. Stinky's new bed is doing a great job of keeping the air circulating around her while she sleeps and I think she doesn't smell as bad. Maybe she was rotting or something from spending so much time in a sweaty pile on the floor. If anyone out there needs a nice, custom-made bed for a stinky dog - I can hook you up!


Scott English said...

Personally, I think a mirror has more of a place in the bedroom than a TV, what with its duels benefits of serving as an accoutrement for sex and as a valuable tool to make sure that you don't look like a dork before you venture out into the world.

Joey Polanski said...

Dont undrestimate TV sex.

I lost my vrginity to Charlies Angels!

Chickie said...

Scott English - That was my argument too about going mirrorless. Sweety pointed out that we NEVER use the one already in our bedroom (there is dust on it) but use the one in the bathroom instead. So I'll give in on this.

Joey Polanski - Whoa man, go big or go home! All 3 of 'em?!

patti_cake said...

Chickie, congrats on the new furniture! I can't help but laugh about you saying poor Stinky is rotting in her own sweat. It's so...gross but so.... funny!

bekah said...

I hope Mark never gets the idea to take away my dresser mirror and put a flat screen up. That's like man heaven. I couldn't handle it.

Anonymous said...

A TV in the bedroom is for all those times in between sex and sleeping. There is nothing wrong with it at all if it is used properly.

Of course, my wife won't let me have a TV in the bedroom. That's why I live in Utah and she lives in Michigan. Now I spend all of my time watching TV in the bedroom....and I guess that is about it.

Chickie said...

Patti_Cake - Stinky said she still loves you even though you laugh at her discomfort.

Bekah - I'm making my demands for a huge, expensive flat screen. Hopefully, Sweety will decide that it costs too much to put the t.v. up and will buy the mirror instead.

Mike - I think Sweety needs to read your comment.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I don't rhink it is weird at all to NOT have a mirror over the dresser...And a flat screen TV sounds great! (You will become a convert my dear....) And as long as you have other mirrors you can use, well....there is no law that says you have to have a mirror over a dresser! I say....GO FOR THE FLAT SCREEN TV!

Anonymous said...

Do you refer to her to her face as "cuntexwife"? Because, seriously, I'd want video.

Chickie said...

OOLOTH - We're going to wait a bit before getting the t.v., but I find that I'm actually looking forward to it!

Malnurtured Snay - I haven't...yet.

Scotty Ice said...

Chickie...you are not going to believe this but my wife and I have the SAME bedroom set!

We get everything from Havertys!


Chickie said...

Scotty Ice - You guys obviously have great taste!