Random Blah

How do you embarrass one Tiny dog?

1) Find a little doggy turd that she has so lovingly left on the floor.
2) Pick it up.
3) Walk to Tiny with it hidden in your hand while asking in a sing-song voice, "Do you want a treat? A yummy treat?!"
4) Let the dog get all excited and then throw the turd at her dancing feet.

All merriment ceases immediately and Tiny will slink off to the fartherest corner of the house with her ears burning in embarrassment and humiliation. Rotten little rat.

I'm trying to reformat the sonofabitching laptop in a last ditch effort to save it. If this doesn't work then I'll have to take it back to where we bought it for repair work. We have the extended warranty on it and if anything bad happens to it (dropped, soda spilled in it, etc.) then it is replaced at no additional charge. I am thisclose to just slamming it on the ground and getting a brand new one.

Well, rats. I was going to take some pictures of the canines because they are looking especially photogenic and realized if I do that that I can't do anything with them (like get them off the camera) because all of that software in on the laptop. (Damn, that sentence looks fucked up. Please forgive my mangling of the English language today.) Phooey.

Awhile back, I mentioned that I didn't despise my exhusband anymore and wanted him to have a nice life. I've come to the realization that no matter how well things may have turned out for me after our marriage ended that I'm probably always going to be a teeny bit resentful that he put me through that shit. Like, 2 percent of me is resentful. But this is only human, right?

I think I'm suffering from a mild case of the burn-outs. It seems like I'm either working or ferrying children back and forth to school. I'm tired of it. I think my insurance program pays for a 30 day stint in a rehab program. I'm considering of seeking help for an alcohol or drug dependency and going on vacation.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'd have loved to habe seen a picture of Yiny with thatv turd right in front of her....LOL!
I hope you get your Lap Top fixed my dear....I know it has to be very frustrating! And I hope you get yourself "fixed" too---rehab for burnout...like The Caribbean? (lol)

Anonymous said...

That turd musta been Tinys 2% resentment.

Whatnaheck did you put HER thru, onct upon a timeski?


Anonymous said...

I am always just this close to rehab. The biggest problem I have is deciding what I need to rehab first, but hey if it can get me a month off, why should I even fret so over what I chose to get fixed.

Chihuahua's are so easily embarrassed.

Sorry about your laptop problems. I live in fear that something will happen to mine. It comprises about 75% of my entertainment, which just proves that I am almost completely pathetic.

Chickie said...

Lady of the Hills - What made it even better is that it was Sweety who was giving it to her. Her feelings were really hurt that he didn't have a "good" treat for her!

Joey Polanski - I think Tiny dog is crying out for some rules. All of the freedom that I've given her is making her mean.

Mike - Well, my laptop is 100% of my entertainment so I am completely pathetic.

I took it to the store today and should get it back in 2.5 weeks. I figure it'll be closer to a month.

bekah said...

I absolutely LOVE what you did to Tiny Dog. That's awesome.

I think in order to get put into rehab you have to actually have a drinking or drug problem, which means you sorta get a vacation before the rehab vacation. Woohoo!

Joey Polanski said...

I see YER switch to th New Bloggr also made Anonymouses outta some o us.

New Bloggr is guilty o idennity theft. Me & Mike is a-gonna SUE -- just as soon as him & me can figure out which one o us is which!

kelli said...

it's not fair that addicts can get a 30 day vacation. i agree. take the vacay!

Regal said...

You said some things that hit close to home for me. I'm still 2% resentful that my ex was a shit while we were married. He's going for a job and will have to take a drug test and I asked him if he'll pass it (recreational use stuff). He said piece of cake -doesn't do that anymore. And then states, "You got the best of me." and laughs. That's where the resentment comes in.

Also, I make my friends laugh because I always tell them I'm thinking of putting myself in a 28 day program for a vacation. That that would be a vacation for me. Aint' it the truth?

And work has me very burnt out.

Enjoy the weekend!

The Phosgene Kid said...

When you go to rehab can you get me Lindsey Lohan's autograph?

Hope you washed your hands after schlepping dog poop around the house!

You should be able to lash your camera to any PC whit the USB cable and assess the camera form windows Explorer - you should be able to drag and drop the photos into a folder. Windrow will usually see your camera as another drive...

Patti_Cake said...

LMAO at Tiny Dog's embarassment. You are WRONG girl :)

I just don't think that a stint in rehab will turn out to be the vacation you think it might be! ;)

Chickie said...

Bekah - Tiny Dog is still reeling from the whole incident.

Oh, I hadn't thought about the vacation BEFORE the vacation part! Nifty.

Joey Polanski - But since you're Anonymouses, how is New Blogger going to know who they're being sued by?

Kelli - Hey, maybe you could come with me!

Regal - I can see where the "you got the best of me" would burn a bit.

The Phosgene Kid - I'll do better, I'll get her to sign a picture of her ragged-coochie!

I made Sweety cleanse his hands very thoroughly. He said he did anyway.

Thanks for reminding me that I can hook my camera right up to the computer! That totally slipped my feeble mind.

Patti_Cake - Tiny Dog soooo deserved it. It was nice to see her squirm.

I dunno, I think I could turn a rehab stint into something amusing.