Pirates Of Suburbia Go On Vacation!


They're getting tired of mayhem and kidnapping.

If LittleBrother ever sees this blog, he will kill me.


patti_cake said...

How come LittleBrother would kill you. They are adorable!
I heart pirates. Arrrr!!!!

(the hub has a t-shirt that says "just a pirate chasin' booty")

Anonymous said...

Tell lil bro to chill. If he throws a fit, tell him that the roadrunner is coming to his house


Anonymous said...

"Pirates of the Nile"? Don't think Disney will buy it...

Anonymous said...

Im tellin th Pharaoh!

Em pirates ruind a perfeckly good Sphinx!

Chickie said...

Patti_Cake - LB thinks he's too cool to have posed for such a photo.

Thomas - The roadrunner is a freaky thing. I'd leave the house if it was coming after him.

The Phosgene Kid - Well, if Disney does buy it, you can say that you saw it here first!

Joey Polanski - They are good tourists. They left everything exactly as they found it.