I went and got my eyebrows and upper lip waxed this morning. The lady kinda went overboard with the lip waxing and did pretty much the whole bottom half of my face. It feels all weird and I can't quit rubbing it.

BigBrother has to get a physical today in order to play baseball so I'll pick him up after school lets out and then zoom on over to the doctor's office. Sweety'll meet us there and go with him. I don't want to be the one that's around if they do the whole "turn your head to the side and cough" thing with him.

Sweety's been working a lot more than usual since November. I'm sick of it. I'll be glad when things are back on an even keel at his workplace so he's around more. He's gone when we wake up and home late and has to go back to work some nights. And he's tired and grouchy a lot now. I know the schedule is wearing him down too.

LittleBrother is a Pokemon fiend and I told him yesterday that I'd buy him a card off of eBay but it needed to be within a certain price range. He picked out a card and it was like 2 bucks yesterday and now (with 57 minutes left in the auction) it's 13! I'm trying to decide if it's worth sniping.

For awhile I bought a lot of things off of eBay. Mostly dog clothes. It was nice getting mail. I think I'll go see if I can find anything that tickles my fancy.


Chuck said...

My daughter was like a major Pokemon fiend back in the day. She's got a ton of those cards. You mean to tell me I could be selling them on ebay?

Regal said...

Chickie-girl! Post it! I too thought mine was accurate when I read it and all day now I've been wanting to go get a massage. Post it! You don't have to register/sign-up or anything!

Chickie said...

Chuck - If you decide to sell, let me know what you want for 'em!

Royal - Okay, I'll post it! I wasn't gonna because I saw where you could enter in your own little explanations as to why you chose what and that was too much effort for me.