The Glass Is Half Full

I've mentioned before that I'm a picker. If there is a bump or something on me then it must be removed immediately.

This habit also extends to Sweety (if he'll let me get close enough to him).

One nice thing about his pinched nerves is that his left arm and that side of his back are numb now. After he gets a couple of pain pills in him, he's very lovey-dovey and will let me do whatever I want. The other day that was cornering him in the bathroom and carefully examining his left side to see if he had anything unsavory on him (on the numb side) that could be tweezed away.

It's too bad that he's hurting but I guess every cloud has a silver lining.


Amy said...

You are SO lucky. If my husband takes anything it just knocks him out. I wish he'd get all lovey dovey on something... that'd be great.

Hope Sweety gets better soon!

Rich | Championable said...


Chickie said...

Amy - Sweety's lovey (and as dumb as a stump) for about an hour and then he passes out.

Rich Championable - It's a real bonding experience!

patti_cake said...

OMG Chickie you KILL ME! Bonding experience indeed!

Chickie said...

Patti_Cake - It really is a great experience. Some girls need a nice dinner and conversation to bond - not me, just give me some tweezers and good lighting.