The stupid laptop isn't being cooperative and has been useless for the last few days. I need to take it back to the store. I'm gonna give them one more chance to fix it and if it doesn't happen then I'll take advantage of the accidental damage insurance on it. It will probably be accidentally stomped on.

Since Sweety has been resting when he's at home instead of doing things, I've been spending most of my time looking at him. When the laptop's working I can quietly tap on the keys while looking at him over the monitor but if it's gone the only computer I have is the desktop in the back room and I know that Sweety feels neglected if I sit in the other room and tap on the keyboard. And at this time, since he's suffering, I'm trying to not aggravate him. I haven't been around the blogosphere as much as normal. I'm suffering from withdrawals.

Today was opening day for the Little League and there was a little ceremony at the baseball field. As a bonus, I got to talk to the bint of an exwife.
Hey! Do you want any kittens? Our cat had kittens last night in the bed with (insert name of her 4 year old here) and he freaked out. I wasn't home but got home just a few minutes after it happened.

No, I don't want any of your bastard kittens. Why don't you try and be a responsible pet owner and SPAY YOUR FUCKING CAT? Oh wait, I guess the cat takes after you, huh?
Okay, so I didn't say that. But I really wanted to. I have told Sweety if she makes idle chitchat with me (and the boys aren't around) that I'm gonna ask her to save her breath. He's a fan of "kill her with kindness" but it makes my head hurt to be civil to her. It's much easier to just not speak to her.

We ran into the Wienermobile today! Sweety was getting gas and told the boys to get out of the car and let me take their picture in front of the Wienermobile. They balked and he told them if they didn't that he'd act retarded and go to the people running the thing and start asking crazy questions. They boys didn't think that he would do that but I knew that he would because he's done that sort of thing before. I made them get out so I could take their picture and explained that it would be less embarrassing than their father pretending to have lost half of his i.q. points. The lady running the thing offered to take a family photo!

Picture 009

Looky here! I even got a wiener whistle! Wiener whistle. That feels good to say. Wiener whistle wiener whistle wiener whistle. Heh.


Rich | Championable said...

THAT is totally awesome.

And a very effective threat by Sweety. I use my Elvis impression for the same thing: "Do it, or I'm singing Hound Dog to EVERYONE here."

Regal said...

Thanks for the comments. It's tough sometimes and I am resentful when its in my face.

How's your Sweety's back? Better?

Have a great weekend!

Osbasso said...

Dr. Mengele has a Weiner Whistle?? AND a family portrait in front of the Weinermobile?? How cool is that?

Em said...

The wienermobile...very cool! And a wiener whistle. That definitely sounds a sex thing. :) Sure hon, I would love a wiener whistle!

patti_cake said...

Saying it with you
~weiner whistle~weiner whistle~weiner whistle~

Love it!

Hope Sweety feels better soon and I am SO jealous about the weinermobile encounter. Hmmph..

Joey Polanski said...

Try "schnitzel vistle" a few times.

It helps if ya say it wit a German acsent while wearin a monocle.

Velcome bach!

Midwestern City Boy said...

I see Sweety is standing upright in the photograph. I hope his back is feeling better.

That was nice of the lady to take your picture for you. I did not realize BB was so tall. It looks like he'll be taller than you soon.

I think that you should concentrate all of your thought beams on the ex-wife.

bekah said...

WTF? Why was that dumb ho not home with her four year old?

Please tell me there was a babysitter somewhere in the mix...

Dumb ass. Poor kittens. You should take the kittens just to save them from her.

Chickie said...

Rich Championable - Oh man, if Sweety threatened to sing...I wouldn't be able to handle that!

Regal - You're welcome. I can only imagine how irritating that situation is for you.

Sweety's back isn't better but the pain medicine helps him to forget.

Osbasso - Dr. Mengele is pimping!

EM - Ha! I'm gonna offer Sweety a "wiener whistle" later!

Patti_Cake - Don't despair, if you're a good girl, the Wienermobile will visit you too!

Joey Polanski - Ahhh, a monocle - you've reminded me that I need one of those. And some spats.

Midwestern City Boy - Sweety is still hurting but he is high as a kite so he kind of forgets about the pain.

BB is getting huge! LB is not too far behind him.

My thoughtbeams are always on the exwife.

Bekah - Neighborgirl was babysitting for her.

I can't save the kittens. This is like the 5th litter that she's had. I can't save the world.

Maybe I'll offer to borrow the cat and get it spayed.

Mike said...

Welcome back. I think we were all suffering from Chickie withdrawal.

Glad to see that Sweetie is standing upright. Course all that talk about a 3some probably didn't hurt his recovery any.

Chickie said...

Mike - Yeah, Sweety found the the report that said that threesomes could cure all kinds of things and he's trying to get just healthy enough for one.

Of course, he lost the link to the report so I haven't been able to see it with my own eyes.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Must've been exciting being so close to such and enormous wiener.

I used to drive past the compound where they kept the weinermobile back in Milwaukee...

~*Kelli*~ said...

You and the weinermobile! I see your CHRISTMAS CARD!

Chickie said...

The Phosgene Kid - For some reason, I left the Weinermobile feeling slightly aroused.

Keli - Oh! You gave me a great idea with the Christmas card!