My Saturday Thus Far

Today was the first baseball scrimmage game of the season for the boys. Thankfully, they didn't get slaughtered. It had been raining this morning and the bleachers were wet - I was the only person sitting in the stands. A foul ball got popped over the fence and it came straight towards me. I knew that there was no way that I could catch it so I just hopped up and ran. It almost beaned my pretty little head.

I could do without people smoking their fucking cigarettes upwind from me at the baseball games. I mean, really, can you not go a mothergrabbing hour without a cigarette while watching your kid play a game? I'd rather look over and see someone shooting up heroin - at least that way I wouldn't have to ingest any of it secondhand.

Sweety had to leave before the end of the game and their cuntofamother wasn't able to come so guess who was in charge of the boys after the game? *see me waving my hand wildly*

I made Sweety call COAM to see if it was okay if I took the boys to a movie and she kind of hemmed and hawed about it and told Sweety if the boys wanted to then it was okay. I don't think she needs to know that the boys spent 30 minutes pestering me to convince me that it would be okay for them to stay away from her house for awhile and that she could visit with them tomorrow. I'd originally told them that I was taking them right home after the game since it was her weekend.

We had fun after the game. Went to eat CiCi's Pizza and then saw The Astronaut Farmer. Nice show. I actually teared up a little bit. My PMSish hormones are in overdrive. Then I dropped them off at their COAM's house and came home to vacuum.

I love to vacuum! It's neat because it's not heavy at all and the new vacuum even does wood floors and tile! I just vacuumed the whole damn house! I'm gonna figure out some way to vacuum Stinky dog. I think I could leave the machine part of the vacuum in one room and just extend the hose into the next room to vacuum her. That way it won't be so noisy and scary for her.

Good grief, I never would have thought that I'd have such enthusiasm for a vacuum cleaner.


Mike said...

Okay, I have to confess. I love to vacuum too. There's just something nice about a clean floor and all that sucking just seems so wonderful.

Chickie said...

I like seeing the vacuum cleaner tracks on the floor. It's like having uncharted territory in your living room when you're done.

Joey Polanski said...

Th love fer cleanin is a illness Ive managd not to contract.

Chickie said...

Joey Polanski - You just haven't met the right vacuum cleaner yet. I don't like to clean either but vacuuming is fun!

Midwestern City Boy said...

If you want to came vacuum our house, I'll buy you a Dyson too.

Chickie said...

Midwestern City Boy - You have a deal!

Regal said...

I used to have a German Shephard and he didn't like the vacuum and that's what I used to do...leave the vacuum around the corner so the motor would scare him and use the hose end with the brush to vacuum him. He actually liked it. Now I wish I could teach that to my cats.

tkkerouac said...

thanks for stopping by!!!

Em said...

I'm glad your pretty little head was spared. And I'm with you...put the freaking smokes away. Set a good example, for pete's sake.

Joey Polanski said...

And who is THAT wit Dancin Kitty?

Spinnin Japanese Girl?

Chickie said...

Regal - I hope that I get lucky and that Stinky likes it. She would be a much better pet!

TKKEROUAC - You're welcome!

EM - Exactly! At least try to look like a role model in public.

Joey Polanski - Have you seen what they're saying?

Cissy Strutt said...

On the rare occasions I clean my small apartment, I use my trusty Karcher carpet sweeper. Yes, kids, how we cleaned the carpets before electricity was invented.

The Phosgene Kid said...

You wouldn't have gotten much for a peewee league ball on E-bay anyway.

Sounds as though you are bonding with your vacuum. I am not sure how healthy that is, but hope it returns your love and doesn't ingest any paper clips and die.

Rich | Championable said...

That's pretty awesome that you got up and ran away from the ball. If I did that, the ball would track me down and whack me.

We got a kick ass vacuum from The Clean Team. It rocked our world.

bekah said...

I love what you said about the heroin -- that's brilliant and I'm so going to use it.

At CiCi's did you have the pizza topped with macaroni and cheese? I've seen a commercial with that one it for a couple weeks now and I'm dying to go get some.

Joey Polanski said...


Thanks fer pointin that out, Chick!


Chickie said...

Cissy Strutt - Oh. For some reason, I figured that carpet and vacuums were invented at the same time.

The Phosgene Kid - Getting almost-beaned did earn me a free drink from the concession stand but I took a pass on it. I monitor the vacuum's diet very carefully.

Rich Championable - I was looking over my shoulder when I got up because I was afraid it was following! Isn't it funny how useful a good vacuum can be?

Bekah - I saw that pizza but I didn't try it. I got full on the chicken and tabasco pizza before I could sample anything else.

Joey Polanski - I have my moments!