Behold! The Dyson has landed!

The vacuum cleaner that we ordered the other night is here! I've never been so excited to open a box before!



And looky here! Glitter! I love glitter!


It came with a tiny toy Dyson vacuum cleaner! I wanted to give it away but Sweety said that we were going to put it up and give to our kid (when we have one). So that's one more thing to clutter up the crawlspace in the attic.

And now down to the nut cutting...

This thing sucks like nobody's business! I vacummed once and emptied out the huge Stinky hairball that was collected and the second time I vacuumed I got a bunch of sand that was buried in the carpet. I am very pleased with it.

Let me tell you someting really stupid that I did. I mentioned my failed attempt to get my blog approved by payperpost. I'd been keeping a tiny journal up on MySpace and decided that I'd start a new Blogger blog (and do whore posts on it) and just tell my friends on MySpace where it is. The people on my MySpace page are all people I know in real life and you can find the MySpace page by searching for my email address and since the ExWife knows that then it would be possible for her to find it if she was snooping.

I decided to use this same template but tweak it a bit. You know the dancing kitty on the bottom of the page that brings you to the main page here? Well, I forgot to change the url on the new blog so it was leading to this blog. Thankfully, only one person clicked over here before I found and fixed the error. And I'm pretty sure the person that followed it over here wasn't the EW. I'd rather not have her turn up here because I'd hate to move when I've just gotten everything just so.


Mike said...

The EW would be so jealous of this new vacuum cleaner too.

I'm jealous. Now I want a new vacuum cleaner.

Sara Sue said...

My Mom's got a Dyson, it really does suck well...almost as good as I do :)

I'm glad the EW didn't find the place! Speaking of, when are you going to talk smack about her? (wink)

Midwestern City Boy said...

I just want to know if you sucked Sweety's dick one last time before delegating the task to the Dyson? ;)

Seriously, your concern about EW finding this place is why I only have one blog. That way I don't have to worry about accidental cross-contamination.

Amy said...

Oh, must. have. one. That vacuum is freaking awesome!!!!!

Joey Polanski said...

Seriosly ...

Did you ordr a pink & purple vacuum?

P.S. I love Dancin Kitty, but what happmd to Runnin Bunny?

~*Kelli*~ said...

Wow! I'd hate for something like THAT to happen to anyone.


kat said...

I want one!
So so jealous right now..LOL

NeverEZme said...

Oh a shinny pretty!!!

tkkerouac said...

I need one of those! great thumbnail!

patti_cake said...

I am so glad I have hardwood floots and have no need of a Dyson cos' i'd ABSOLUTELY have to get one. So pretty and you get a toy one too!

Regal said...

You're right - that vacuum cleaner is a sexy beast!

Lawson Copywrite & Co. said...

i thought i was the only one that photographed my vacuum sweeper. If I could post its picture here I would.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Mrs Phos doesn't know I know how to use the vacuum and I plan on keeping that way

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Glad you discovered your error....It would be horrible if that EW found this blog!

So would you recomend that vaccuum? I need to get a new one and I'm kind of trying to figure out which one....!

Chickie said...

Mike - The EW would just pawn it if she had it. That's one of her hobbies.

Sara Sue - EW has been pretty quiet lately. I hope it stays that way.

Midwestern City Boy - I decided to keep the dick sucking task to myself. I don't want Sweety to know that he could trade me in for the Dyson.

Cross-contamination - I hadn't thought of it that way but you're right!

Amy & Kat & Lady of the Hills - You have got to get one! What I like about it is that it's super powerful but not heavy.

Joey Polanski - No, that is actually the only color it comes in! Perfect, huh?

Runnin Bunny is on vacation. He'll be back soon.

Kelli - I'll bet you would! ;)

NeverEZme - That made it just right for me!

TKKEROUAC - Thank you!

Patti_Cake - But you can vacuum your hardwood floors! I just did the whole house - carpet, tile and wood! I am so pleased.

Regal - I never knew that I would enjoy vacuuming.

Lawson Copywrite & Co - There's nothing wrong with posting a vacuum pic. Good ones should be celebrated!

The Phosgene Kid - Well, aren't you a little sneakpot!

Motor City Monk said...

Wow! The Dyson looks like a mad sucker - I'm way jealous and I don't even get a thrill out of vacuuming.

Chickie said...

Motor City Monk - I didn't get a thrill out of vacuuming either til it came along. My life has changed forever.