I am so glad that Easter is over. What was it...like a month before Easter when those hollow chocolate bunnies started showing up in stores? Those bunnies make me crazy because every single time I walk by one, I want to smash it in* with my thumb. I get the same urge with fresh corn on the cob that's wrapped in cellophane too. When I was a kid, I used to poke my finger in raw hamburger meat packages at the grocery store. I quit doing that when I decided that I could get worms from raw meat.

* This is merely a representation that was found on the internet. It was too hard to take photos in the store after I slaughtered a bunny.


Mike said...

That photo reminds me of a great Easter story. One year my family and I were at my Mom's for Easter. My dastardly wife and daughter got into all of the chocolate Easter Bunnies that my Mom had bought and bit the ears off of each and every one of them and then carefully put them back in the box.

On Easter morning my Mom was mortified because she thought that this had happened at the store and wanted to collect all of the bunnies and take them back to the store. Sometime later in the day, my dastardly wife and daughter confessed to their evil deeds and everyone had a good laugh....except my Mom. We haven't been invited back for Easter since.

patti_cake said...

Well at least you aren't a Peep mutilator..... you aren't? Are you?!

Joey Polanski said...

We all admire yer self control, Chickie ...

... as we notice youve STILL managd to resist hittin th DELETE THIS BLOG buttn.

Chickie said...

Mike - Your dasteredly wife and daughter are my kind of people!

Patti_Cake - Well, I like to eat their heads first. But doesn't everybody?

Joey Polanski - The delete button is still very tempting. As soon as I get around to Blurbing it so I can have a copy, I'm gonna erase it and start fresh.