Odds n Ends

I won a bet with Sweety! When we dropped the boys off at their cuntofamother's house after their baseball game on Saturday, their 1.5 year old sister came toddling out of the house with her pajamas on. The boys have mentioned that their sister and little brother always stay up late and they can't get them to sleep. I told Sweety that the sister must be in her p.j.'s at 7 p.m. because mom is going to try and get her to sleep before she goes bar hopping. BigBrother said that he babysat on Saturday and now Sweety owes me a dollar. I think I'll let him slide on paying me back.

Let me share with you what a selfish bitch I've become.
Setting: I realize that Sweety will be home early on a day in the future for a parent/teacher conference for BB and it's one of the kinds of meetings that I don't go to.

Hey! Could you get in like 30 minutes earlier and get LittleBrother from school that day too?

Why? What do you want to do?

(What I'm thinking: Why the fuck does it matter what I'm doing? This is a yes or no question, buddy!)

What I say: I don't know. Go to the beach or the mall or the bookstore. Just something.

The beach? You don't like the beach.

Just fucking SOMEWHERE, okay? I'm tired of fetching and getting kids all the damn time on my days off and I thought that since you were going to be here early that you could be here a bit earlier is all.

You're leaving me aren't you?

Yeah, if I don't have some time to myself.

What about me? When do I get any time to myself?

*blink* *blink* Thinking to self: I don't know and I don't give a shit.

You don't care do you?

Honestly, no. No, at this point I don't.
Isn't it nice that he knew exactly what I was thinking at the end there? I just love that we are so in tune with one another. Later, Sweety told me that with the way his work is going that he can't tell me for sure that he will be able to get home that early a week in advance. So I've decided that on that day me and LB will go watch a movie and have dinner somewhere. And I'm feeling much less mean this morning which is a good thing.

We have booked our travel to Reno in May so we are definitely going and I am most pleased. I want to be not responsible for someone for a couple of days.

Stinky dog is on her sixth day of rocking the cone and she's not loving it. She gets another bath tonight and then I'll decide if she has to keep it on. I'm thinking she will because her tail is still sore and she still tries to nibble it when the cone is gone. The only good thing for her about the cone is that Tiny dog is freaked out by it and won't hump her, lick her eyeballs or eat her scabs when it is on. (By the same token, it is bad for me because I have to fish out her eye boogers now. Makes me realize how I take for granted the little things that Tiny brings to the household.) The other night, when the cone was off for a bit, Tiny dog humped her until she fell into an exhausted heap behind Stinky. I guess she's been missing her Stinky dog action.


~*Kelli*~ said...

Why does that make me so sick. Ewwww. Your dogs are gross. Cute as hell, but gross!

Chickie said...

It's part of their charm.

Joey Polanski said...

Whyntcha give Sweety a buck t go pick up th kid.

Now yer even!

Mike said...

I would almost pay you a dollar to post a video on here of Tiny Dog humping Stinky Dog. It could be a YouTube hit!

Midwestern City Boy said...

COAM needs to be more responsible. But I remember its not your fight.

It's scary how well you and your husband understand each other.

I though that Tiny humped everything in sight. I don't understand why she is afraid if the cone.

Chickie said...

Joey Polanski - Well, aren't you a smart one! I think I'll leave a dollar under his pillow like the Tooth Fairy.

Mike - I have been trying for months to capture Tiny doing the deed on video. As soon as I point the camera at her, she hops off. She knows that what she is doing is shameful.

Midwestern City Boy - It's made me much less stressed since I decided to quit freaking out about things at the COAM's.

Sweety has always been able to read my mind in a freaky way. Sometimes, I don't like it.

I don't know what Tiny's issue is with the cone but she walks a circle around it if it's even laying on the floor.

Thomas said...

Welcome to the world of kids.
Whether yours, the step kids, or the fucktard's from down the street.

They ruin your life.
You reach that point where you would commit genocide for one stinking moment alone and your significant other doesn't get it.

If you let Tiny hump sweetie into submission you would feel better


Chickie said...

Thomas - I think I'll let Tiny dog hit it after Sweety goes to sleep tonight.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL, LOL...I have never met a dog like Tiny...! She is a sketch and a half, I tell you....Her Motto: "Hump Till You Dump"---yourself, that is, on the floor!
I love when you said you hadn't really appreciated all she brings to the household! LOL!!!