BigBrother barfed his guts out while ago. Tiny dog helped to clean up. Just so you know, I'm not such a sick fuck that I took the photos - Sweety did that.

We finally had to lock her in the bathroom so we could get the mess cleaned up. She was highly pissed off to be taken away from such a delicious snack.

Click on the photos to see the biggest puke splatter ever. I swear, the kid yakked out at least a half gallon of stuff. He'd told Sweety that his stomach hurt so Sweety made him eat some baking soda dissolved in water. It was like setting off one of those volcanos that you make in grade school for the science fair. I'm glad that BB's head didn't pop off from all of the pressure.

On the prowl.

>So hungry.

It was very upsetting to me to have Tiny snap at me when I went in to drag her away from the feast. She acts like we don't feed her or something.


Joey Polanski said...

Try feedin her barf more oftn.

Feed it to her till she throws it up.

Thatll teach her.

Chickie said...

Joey - That's a thought but I don't know if I have the stomach for such tough love.

Sara Sue said...

Poor kid ... poor dog ... I gotta go throw up now.

patti_cake said...

Ack I don't know why dogs eat such disgusting things but they do. Our Basset used to love to eat cat poop. We called it Kitty Roca.