In Lieu of a Real Post...

You can scroll over the photos for the captions that I have so lovingly created for them or you can see the slideshow here.

Guess where we were? Out our window.
Whenever I walked by I was seized with the urge to lick its crotch.  I did not give in. Snow!  We saw snow!  It felt good to freeze my feet. Flip flops aren't made for hiking.  Neither am I. Sparkly is good unless you are tromping through the woods. I want to jump when I'm somewhere high & this was no exception. See that nutty bitch to the left?  I just knew we were going to see her fall to her doom. Trying to not bust my ass. Sweety offered me $100 to go for a swim.  I didn't take him up on it but I did think about it.
As long as I didn't fall, I didn't care how goofy I looked getting off of the rocks. Cheese!
Rinsing of the flip flops.  A very sacred thing. Letting you see the mean face that I make when adjusting the titsling.
Sweety in a gold mine.  Miners must have been short.

I'll have a bit up about our trip in a day or so. Unfortunately, the tale will not include hookers. Do you know how much one was? $1000 for 30-freaking-minutes! That coochie better be lined with platinum for that kind of money!


Fidget said...

platinum lined coochie, sound0s like something you go to the day spa to have done

HMM i think I take a few Botox injections and OOO the platinum lined coochie process please

How is it that in all this time i never realized you LIVE in ORLANDO??

Scotty said...

Great Pics!!

...and we will get in touch about your house!! LOL


Regal said...

Great photos - looked like you had a really nice time - enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Sara Sue said...

$1000 is for standard coochie, the platinum lined is much, much more!

I'm so glad you made it out to Lake Tahoe, gorgeous isn't it?

Can't wait for the full report!

Osbasso said...

I was hoping for the wet t-shirt shot, at least! Glad you enjoyed the snow!

Joey Polanski said...

You can shell out a grand fer th chick wit th platinum-lind cootch ...

... or you coud save a buck & just fuck a trumpet.

bekah said...

$1000 ?!??! I'm so in the wrong line of work.

I love the pics! :-)

Chickie said...

Fidget - I don't live right in Orlando but pretty close. Between there and Daytona.

Scotty - I'll even paint it a different color, if you like!

Regal - Thank you!

Sara Sue - I could almost see $1000 for an hour but not for 30 minutes.

Lake Tahoe was just beautiful! Going there was one of my favorite things about the trip.

Osbasso - Sorry to disappoint you! :)

Joey Polanski - But a trumpet doesn't have tits...Boobies are nice.

Bekah - I'm thinking I might be ready for a career change too.

patti_cake said...

Tell Sweety i'd of swam for $100 and obviously I need to move to Reno and become a whore. I am loving the fact that you cared enough to find out the going rate. Oh and licking the elephant crotch? Have I ever told you that you are my hero Chickie?