Wishful Thinking

Maybe tomorrow, Angelina Jolie will show up on my doorstep with her brood of orphans to let me know that she's leaving Brad for me. I'm pretty sure if that happened that Sweety would give me his blessing and send me on my merry way.

You don't know what I'd give to find a nice big sack of cocaine-dusted drug money in the street. I would not bother notifying the authorities.

It would be nice if Stinky dog and Sweety could snore just a teeny bit louder. I love it when they snore. It lets me know that they are breathing. Breathing is good.

Tomorrow I will think up a nice, juicy post. Probably.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Yup! Angelina Jolie...A very good person to run off with....! I hope she shows up on your doorstep, too! And maybe she will have that cocaine with her...Naaaaaah! Nne of that anymore for her...She's gotta keep her wits about her with all those little children. (lol)

Regal said...

I need to find a bag of drug money too - pay off the ex and be done with him. (I was never so hurt and the mutha was probably using his brand of humor - jacka$$).

So the pups keeping you awake with their snoring?

patti_cake said...

Oh yeah I am so with you on the drug money. I would be one rich bitch and all they would see is one great big WHOOSH as I cleared my ass out of the Crying Cow Bank FOREVAH!
A girl can dream.

Mike said...

My wife says I snore, but she lies a lot. I have never heard myself snore, so until I discover otherwise, I don't snore.

bekah said...

Sweety probably wouldn't mind you running off with Angelina as long as you remember to send some videos once in a while.

Slick said...

You'll split the loot with me though right?

On your way to wherever you and Angelina go....uh, could you swing by and pick me up?

Sara Sue said...

Wait ... are you running off with Angelina or with Brad? Either way, see if you can get yer hands on a copy of their sex tape, ok? That's something I'd REALLY like to see ... maybe they use marshmallow cream!

Chickie said...

Lady of the Hills - Cocaine might help take the edge off if you had a gaggle of kids under the age of four.

Regal - Between Sweety and Stinky dog - it gets pretty loud. I couldn't find my earplugs last night.

Patti_Cake - I would laugh like a loon if I could clear my desk out at work. Just thinking of it makes me smile.

Mike - Denial is the first step to accepting that you have a problem.

Bekah - You're right. He can be easy to please.

Slick - Do you really want to be in a house with 2 women and 4 kids? I guess we could use someone to change the oil in the cars and whatnot.

Sara Sue - Upon rereading that sentence, I see that my intentions may not have been clear. Angelina. She's the one that I want. I'll bet they do use marshmallow cream. She looks like that kind of girl.