I'm It! I'm It!

Sara Sue has been kind enough to smack me with 6 weird things I do while getting ready to sleep or while sleeping.

I don't know that these things are weird, but I do them every night.
1. I can't go to sleep if Sweety is still awake. I'll sit up and zone out on the computer all night long if he's still watching the television.

2. I brush my teeth while showering and I don't consider myself to be done til I've gagged.

3. I always dry my ears thouroughly. The q-tip company makes a mint off of me. If my ears aren't dry then I feel dirty.

4. And my belly button. It gets its own q-tip too.

5. I have to wait til Sweety is asleep before I can go to sleep. I'm afraid if I fall asleep first that he'll ask me something and wake me up. That dread keeps me awake til I hear him snore.

6. I put in earplugs and they have to be inserted just so. Then I can relax and sleep.
Feel free to share your bedtime oddities in the comments!


patti_cake said...

You and my husband share the q tip thing! LOL

Chickie said...

See? People NEED to dry their crevices out! I don't know what I'd do without q-tips.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, two of those were about the same thing...So, I guess one could say...You REALLY Cannot go to sleep till Sweety is asleep.

And I love that you brush your teeth in the shower till you gag!

Hey...you never come over to visit...did I offend you my dear Chickie? Or is it because I'm old?
Hows that sweetheart of a dog, Tiny? And of course I want to know how Stinky is too....You have the most interesting loveable dogs, ever!

Chickie said...

Lady of the Hills - You're right. I didn't realize that 2 of those say pretty much the same thing! What I meant with the first one was that I can't even go lay in the bed unless Sweety goes with me. I'm afraid he'll do something fun while I'm gone.

I will start being more vocal during my visits! :)