Sweety was napping one evening and I used that as an opportunity to do a bit of online shopping. I'd had my eye out for a Nintendo Wii since Christmas. I faithfully made the rounds every couple of days at the half dozen stores in the area that would have one but came up with nothing so I snagged one from ebay.

I was nervous about telling him that I'd bought one because it cost so much (Here's a handy hint: If you have something to tell Sweety that you think might annoy him, tell him at bedtime after you've done wicked things to him. Is it wrong that I used sex as a cushion before telling him about the purchase?) but he took it quite well. His reply? "Well, Chickie, I didn't know you were so serious about wanting one! I know a guy who runs a game store and I could have gotten one from him for you." Geez, Sweety. At Christmas, Valentine's Day, Our Day-We-First-Met Anniversary and Mother's Day - Didn't I ask for one of these damn games? I dunno what else I could have done to convey my seriousness.

Do you know what it takes for my local WallyWorld to get a supply of Wiis? I just need to buy one from eBay at a mildly inflated price, that's what. 4 days after I ordered mine, WallyWorld got some in and Sweety was there when they were unloaded.

Me and the sprogs have been busy playing Zelda: Twilight Princess today. It's been about 10 years since I owned any sort of game system and it's taken me forever to get the hang of using the controller. I'm hopping around the living room like an uncoordinated monkey coming off of a three day drunk. Speaking of monkeys...

See this one? Wouldn't you love to have a whole box full of these little guys? I would. I'd take them everywhere with me. And I'd train them to steal jewelry and pick pockets. I'm not sure what kind of monkey that is but I found the photo when I did a search for "retarded monkey" but then I decided to try and be politically correct and not compare my playing a video game to something that was retarded but to something that was a substance abuser instead. (Geez, does that sentence make any sense? I'm having a hard time running the English language today.)

How is it that BigBrother & LittleBrother have been in Spanish class since the first grade and neither one of them knows what the hell Dora The Explorer is saying? They couldn't tell me what they learn in that class. Maybe they should be doubling up on the English and writing in school instead of taking Spanish. I'll be glad when they take Spanish in middle school so they can tell me what people are saying around us when we're out and about.


Fidget said...

i'm so coming over to diddle with your Wii, i want one something fierce!

Jeni said...

I am crazy addicted to our Wii. It's the best thing on the planet.

We got lucky when we got ours-just drive 8 hours to a nowheresville with a big Walmart and they will have more Wii then you know what to do with!


The Phosgene Kid said...

DOn't toss the Wii remote through the TV!! You could put an eye out!!!

Spanish is the official language of EL Mirage, AZ. Caution: You are now leaving the United States.

Chickie said...

Fidget - Come on over! I can show you how I kick things from the Dark Side's ass!

Jeni - You're right about where to get one. I was talking to my sister after I got mine (she lives in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma) and she said they have them in stock there all of the time. I wish I'd have known, she could have sent me one and saved me the mark-up!

The Phosgene Kid - We Wii responsibly, always making sure that the safety strap is snug. The boys know if they send the thing flying that I will smother them.

Rich | Championable said...

Dude. The Wii has taken over my house.

Good luck!

Chickie said...

Rich Championable - We're thinking of giving the Wii its own bedroom. It deserves it.

Kerstin said...

Congrats on the Wii! I did the same damn thing...bought mine on eBay after searching helplessly throughout the city, only to find a TON of them in a mall not far from my house. But it's ok. I've definitely got my money's worth. I've spent the last week playing Mario Party 8 like a madman.

patti_cake said...

Yes I would love to have some of those monkies and use them for nefarious purposes also.

Congrats on the Wii (and using sex as a cushion is a stroke of genious). I said stroke bwaaaa haaaa

bekah said...

I need to finish up Super Paper Mario and send it your way! I'll get on top of that ASAP (damn Mark for buying a new game for the 360 that's addicting as hell!).

I want a whole pocket full of those little monkies - but only if they stay tiny like that.

jedimacfan said...

Just curious what you named it? The name of my Wii is Wiigor.

Chickie said...

Kerstin - I'm pretty sure we're getting our money's worth too but it sure was irritating to see them in the store!

Patti_Cake - Heh, heh - you did say stroke!

Bekah - Take your time with Mario. It's gonna take us awhile to save Zelda.

JediMacFan - The boys named it "Bam". I like your name much better.