Home Again!

I flew back to Florida on Sunday and am glad to be home. Not only do I get to heap love upon Tiny(er) Dog (she's lost at least 2.5 pounds in the past 2 weeks and has no extra chins now. looks like a new dog.) but I also get to sleep in my own bed again. Being on vacation really makes me appreciate that. During my travels, I got Sweety a gift.


Whenever I'm bitching about something, Sweety will say, "How much can you control?" and do that thing with his hands that the frog is doing. I saw this and just knew that he would love it. He said that he likes it but I've caught him looking at it like it's a rat turd. I do think he appreciates the fact that I thought of him while on vacation and that I lugged the 20 pound thing around for a week before getting it home safely.

And Sweety made something for me! He knows of my immense adoration of kimchi and when we were at my Mom's house he took note of how to make it!

Kimchi by SweetyYum

All of this yummy goodness was waiting for me when I got home. There is a titch too much pepper in it but it is goooood. Have you ever eaten something that was very tasty and very spicy but the spicy didn't bother you while you were eating but when you quit eating it felt like your mouth was on fire? This stuff is like that. I eat it til I'm tired of chewing and then eat a piece of bread and some water. It tickles me that Sweety went to the trouble of going and getting all of the ingredients and made it. He's a keeper.

The last 2 nights of my vacation were spent with Bekah at a casino. We had a large time. Drank, gambled, shopped, tidied our piggies, jumped around like loons and had one big ass tub. I'd forgotten how much fun it was to jump on beds. I'm going to make a point to do it whenever I stay at a hotel.

Shit. I'm such a horrible mother. About 20 minutes ago, Stinky Dog was going bonkers - pawing at me and barking. I just thought she was being needy and shooed her away from me. I now see that she needed to piss and has released a half gallon of urine on the carpet. And here I just thought she was being super friendly.

Oh, guess what? The cuntofanexwife is getting married and moving farther away! Yaaay! Sometimes I do things that are just too mean to blog about and just trust me, I really got her goat a few days ago. Just a quick note: If you have a MySpace page and have really big news (like, uh, I dunno, you're getting married) and you want to surprise your children with it - it is a good idea to keep that news off of the fucking public internet until you're good and ready for everyone to know. No, we didn't tell the boys about her nuptials before she did but she thought that Sweety did (Sweety had told they boys that they might be getting big news. When she told the boys that she was getting married, they acted like it wasn't a big deal and told her that Sweety had already told them. But all he'd said to them earlier in the day was that they might be getting some news.) and she lost her pea sized brain while she was thinking that Sweety had already told her big news. Sweety got one hell of a phone call from her where she was screaming and crying and wanting to know just who told him that she was getting married and that it wasn't his place to share that information. He told her that he didn't know what she was talking about. It is a damn short trip to send her to crazy. Hee hee. The boys don't seem too crazy about her getting married. They will be acquiring 3 stepbrothers/sisters, ranging in age from 3 to 8. BigBrother(12) has declared that they are "heathens with no discipline". I feel sorry for the boys because she will be moving into her new husband's house and I'm afraid that they will not feel at home there. The boys mentioned that this will be the ninth house that they've lived in with their mom in the past 8 years.

Okay, enough about that.

I've decided to be a better spouse. My plan is to get up earlier on the days that I work to clean the place (instead of just sprinting out of bed and going to work), more sex and no computer time when Sweety is home. The amount of time that I tap away on the keyboard or surf the internet is lengthy and I'm going to try and use more time to visit with the humans that I live with. We'll see how the plan goes.

I'm going to go and try to catch up on things in Blogland now! Well, until I have to leave the house. BB is going into the 7th grade this year and has to get some immunization shots today. Seven shots. He is very excited to be getting poked seven times! Not really.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Tiny oost 2.5 pounds??? Well, she can ill afford that! Pining away for you, my dear...!

The Ex....OY VEY! What a piece of crappy work she is....I feel sorry for the boys, too....I thought when you said she was moving further away that maybe you meant out of the state!!

It look like you and Bekah had a ball! The Jumping on the bed REALLY looked like fun!

What is in that dish that Sweety cooked?

Regal said...

Glad you're back - missed you and I LOVE THE GIFT YOU GOT SWEETY - very kewl

The Phosgene Kid said...

Welcoem bakc!! The zen of Kermit, very nice.

I really tried to like Kimchi when I was in Korea, I like everything that goes into it, but when it gets mixed together and spends a month or so underground, I am sorry I just couldn't stand it. I am not a finnicky eater by any stretch.

BTW Nice tub and it ain't even Thursday!!!

Joey Polanski said...

Nice lessn, Stinky Dog!

Mike said...

Welcome back and glad you had a good vacation. Sorry to hear that Tiny lost so much weight. Would she like to borrow a couple of Carmen's extra chins?

Ima Liar said...

I'm so jealous of your visit with Bekah! (And Bekah's visit with you!) It sounds like you had a great time. I'm so disappointed that I missed your call! I can't believe I slept through the phone ringing when it was right next to the bed. :(

Your plan to be a better spouse sounds awesome, especially considering how great Sweety seems to be. You two are such a cute couple.

Sara Sue said...

Glad you're home safe and sound! The pictures are awesome! Who took the one of you two jumping on the beds??

As for this plan to blog less ... uh ... OK but dang, LESS??? Can't Sweetie look at porn while you blog?

patti_cake said...

Glad you are home and I know the boys & dogs are too. That is really sad about the boys living in 9 houses in 8 years. Some people should just not be allowed to have children. *sigh*

Chickie said...

Lady of the Hills - Tiny needed to lose the weight. She's running a lot faster. It is so hard to not feed her table scraps though. She begs so pitifully.

I'm just glad the the EW isn't going to be living around the corner anymore. I hope she's happy and has lots more babies and goes away!

The bed jumping was a ball!

The dish was supposed to be made out of Chinese Turnips but Sweety couldn't find those so he used regular turnips instead. It tasted the same to me.

Regal - If you really like the frog - Pier One would have some of its brothers!

The Phosgene Kid - This kimchi is a little civilized. We don't bury it underground but set it in the garage to ferment for a day.

I thought I'd toss in a half nekkid photo just for fun!

Joey Polanski - Please, don't encourage her.

Mike - Tiny would love an extra chin but I forbid it. I know she's gotta feel better without that extra weight on her little cigarette stick legs.

Ima Liar - It's probably for the best that you missed the call. I don't know that we'd have made very good conversation :)

I'm on Day 3 of Being A Better Spouse and it seems to be working!

Sara Sue - Bekah took the bed photo. Propped her camera up on the t.v. and we jumped when we thought it was going to go off. It took quite a few tries to get it right.

I need to get Sweety his own laptop so he can surf the net all the time too. I'm going to try and post not so much less but more quickly!

Patti_Cake - Oh but Patti! Having a house full of children and being the best mom in the world is what the EW has dreamed of since dropping out of school in the 10th grade! I can't begrudge someone for following their dreams.

You felt the sarcasm, right?