Well, I stepped in a little bit of shit with BigBrother(12) yesterday. Sweety and the kids picked me up from work for lunch. Sweety and I were eating at one table and the kids were at another about 3 feet away. Sweety starts telling me that the cuntofanexwife was asking him if we wanted her old cell phones when he was picking the boys up. I replied with something along the lines of, "Why don't you take one time to tell her that we don't want anything that she is ever giving away so she can save herself the air of asking you?" (A couple of weeks ago she left messages for Sweety seeing if we wanted a washing machine. No. Look here, I'm trying to get all of the shit that was in this house when she was here out. I don't want to bring any new stuff in.) I said this very, very quietly but BB was really straining his little ears and heard me. BB got in a pissy mood and we didn't realize that he'd heard the conversation.

Later, BB tells Sweety that he heard what we were whispering about. He felt that his mother was making a nice gesture and that we were being ungrateful. Sweety explained to BB that since I've been here and in the not-so-recent-past she's said and done some things that are not very nice and that she's BB's mom so he'll always love her but me and Sweety aren't required to like her.

I feel horrible that he overheard me and was afraid the BB was going to be pissy with me but he's been very nice today.


Ima Liar said...

12 is one of those ages that's kind of in-between, and it sounds like, so far, BB is coming into the more adult side of it. I hope so, for your sake, and BB's, as well as Sweety's. I was dreading being a step-mom to a pre-teen and teenage boy. It's one of the things I escaped. I wish you the mostest, bestest luck with it.

Sara Sue said...

Yikes! I hope BB understood.

Chickie said...

Ima Liar - I'm seeing that the first 6 years of stepmotherhood were cake compared to what is coming.

Sara Sue - I think he did. Him and LittleBrother have been asking Sweety questions lately about things that deal with their mother. They were wanting to know why he was always the one around when they were in preschool and she wasn't. They're starting to figure out how things went down.

Mike said...

Having been through something similar with my oldest (step) daughter, I can completely sympathize. However, at this point in life, I view it as a growing up experience for everyone invovled.

patti_cake said...

Well you tried to be respectful and say it in a low voice but the little shit was trying to hear so.... Seriously he sounds like a smart kid. I do feel sorry for them having her for a mother though. Oy.