I feel like I've been chasing my own tail for the past week. Like I have a ton of things to do but it seems like I'm not making dents anywhere. I've been a totally sucky blogger lately and that is just a bit more guilt to put in my wagon.

I had to work yesterday so I could be off this Sunday. My sister and her family are coming down this weekend and I wanted to be able to be off when they're here. I'm glad that I was able to work something out so I could be off but I really hate working outside of my normal shift. I got off yesterday at 5:30 p.m. (usually I get off at 9) and got to see most of my fellow man on their way home from work. The drive that normally takes me 25 minutes took about 45 instead. Reminds me of why I like to work odd hours.

The COAEW got remarried this weekend. There is something that I would like to say that is really unkind and politically incorrect but I won't. Instead I'll say that I hope they have a nice life. And I hope that the new husband is educated enough to check the boys' homework.

Sweety was super nice this weekend. We went to an all-you-can-eat seafood place on Saturday (I'll bet I ate 5 pounds of crab legs. I ate until my arms were tired from cracking their little legs open.) and after that we went to the mall and I got an iPhone. It is the motherfucking bomb. I like miniature things - little samples of shampoo, those tiny Tabasco sauce bottles in MREs, baby corn, etc. - so knowing that there is a little computer in my purse just really makes my thingy wet. I said that I didn't want one of these phones because you can't use them to make a video but I realized I don't use the video recorder much. I think the last time I used it on my old phone was when I was on vacation to say hi to someone so they could see my drunk and spray tanned orange self. The world can probably live without that sort of thing so it's better that I don't have a video recorder at my disposal. Sweety said that when the next wave of iPhones come out that he will take this one and I'll get one that has video capability. I also see how easily it would be to go bankrupt at the iTunes store buying movies and music. A small movie on a little screen? That pleases me so.

Have you ever had a sneaky drunk? (Sweety thinks it is hilarious to ask me questions that require me to do math after I've been drinking.) I got one of those last night. I was sipping away while sitting on the couch and when I stood up, I almost tumped over. It surprised me. It also surprised Tiny Dog because I almost smooshed her while getting my balance.

Oh! I also got a tripod for my camera this weekend too. This should really broaden my HNT horizons. Not this week though. I felt too crappy from last night's sneaky drunk to do any modeling this morning. Expect great things next week!

Do you know that is is Boobiethon time? I participated the past couple of years but not this year. A week or so ago, I got a couple of mosquito bites on my lefty and I scratched them. Lefty is a little mangled and is not photo worthy. But you should go on and check out everybody else's. Tits for a good cause. What more could you want?

Okay, I am really going to go clean my house and then I can catch up on the happenings in blogland this evening!


Osbasso said...

I'm jealous of the iPhone, but we don't get AT&T up here, so it wouldn't do me any good...

Looking forward to your tripod work!!

Mike said...

tits for a worthy cause....

I never needed a "worthy cause" to enjoy tits.

I am kind of jealous too over the iPhone, although I would never admit it publicly. Oh wait, I guess I just did admit it, didn't I?

Sara Sue said...

iPhone!! (droooool)

Boobiethon ... what a great idea! Some of those pics are absolutely amazing.

jedimacfan said...

Congrats on the iPhone. How does it feel to be that much cooler than everyone else? And check out the iPhoneShots web site from my blog if you take any cool photos, I'd like to see 'em!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

POh I would LOVE to know what your fine words would be about the marriage of the Ex...! PLEASE, email me...(LOL)

Congrats on that iPhone...it sounds like if nothing else it can get you really really hot!

I have to look up that Boobiesite...Thanks for the Heads Up about that, dear Chickie.

Hope you have a wonderful time with your sister....!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

OY! That first word should have been LOL.....I'm not drubk, I swear!

Amy said...

You always sound like you are having THE MOST fun. I wish we were neighbors. LOL

Course... I'm saying this after 4 martinis... I'm an olive away from "I love you maaaaaan"

But, really, I meant the neighbor thing. We'd be cool neighbors.

patti_cake said...

You & Sweety crack me up and congrats for taking the high road on the COAEW's remarriage.

Bring on the tripod! :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

What did you get her for a wedding present??

bekah said...

I think the last time I used it on my old phone was when I was on vacation to say hi to someone so they could see my drunk and spray tanned orange self.

That was me! I got that video! And I'll have you know, without videos like that my life is sad and boring. Damn the iPhone! DAMN YOU, iPHONE!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Hope Lefty is feeling better...

Chickie said...

Osbasso - You don't have AT&T? How weird. I figured that company had its fingers everywhere!

Mike - I think a worthy cause makes looking at them even more fulfilling.

Sara Sue - No drooling on my blog. I have to step in enough of Stinky Dog's in real life.

Yeah, some of those women really go all out!

JediMacFan - Not only do I feel cooler but also smarter and cuter! I'll have to find some interesting things to photo for you!

Lady of the Hills - Really, you don't wanna know what I said to Sweety about her new marriage. I actually feel kind of guilty for even saying it.

Hey, it's okay to admit that you sit around a drink a bit while blog surfing. Acceptance is the first step to recovery. ;)

Amy - The house across the street is for sale. What are you waiting for?

Patti_Cake - congrats for taking the high road on the COAEW's remarriage. Well, don't read what I'm fixing to say to The Phosgene Kid.

The Phosgene Kid - A wire clothes hanger and sea salt. In that order.

Bekah - You've hurt the iPhone's feelings. It will take me days to soothe it.

The Phosgene Kid - Lefty feels better but still looks like crap.

Midwestern City Boy said...

So who is the bigger gadget person, you or Sweety? I just wish iPhones were not limited exclusively to AT&T. My RAZR seems dated comparatively.

rob said...

I believe the iphone is the one with wi-fi, so you can email and blog from e.g. Starbucks. Lucky you.

moooooog35 said...

You like miniature things? Awesome.

Have I mentioned that I'm 5'2"? Does this mean I'm in?

As an extra bonus, if you push really, really hard, you may be able to get me in your purse, also.

Chickie said...

Midwestern City Boy - I'm more of the "let's go get it" person but once we have something, Sweety hijacks it for awhile.

Rob - All I need is a laser keyboard to make my life complete!

Moooooo35 - If you'd let me put you in my purse I would even go get a bigger one for your comfort!

rob said...