Stupid Blogger

Has anyone else had a problem with blogger eating comments?

I know damn good and well that I replied to the comments on last week's post before I put up yesterday's posts and my comment was gone this morning. I've had this happen a few time recently.

I wish I was brave enough to break up with blogger. I've set up accounts in other places (wordpress & squarespace) but keep coming back here.


patti_cake said...

I'm too lazy to break up with Blogger too. I didn't notice any issues but sorry you are having problems.

Chickie said...

Since Blogger is free, I guess I can't bitch about it too much!

Midwestern City Boy said...

Blogger has always sucked rocks. But despite some of the other free sits, its the market leader so everyone puts up with it. Like they say on a late night infomercial I've seen "size matters".