Make Up Your Own Title

I have promised BigBrother(12) that if he keeps his grades up that I will take him to Cedar Point next summer to ride roller coasters. I'd momentarily forgotten about it when this conversation with Sweety started.
So, you're thinking you'd like to get pregnant the beginning of next year?

Yeah. That way we'll get a tax deduction for 2008 and I'll get 12 paid weeks off of work!

Okay. I guess you'll stop eating birth control about Christmas then, huh?

Oh crap. I forgot! Me and BigBrother are going to Ohio in June. I can't be pregnant then. Wouldn't be able to ride any rides. I can't tell BB that I'm not taking him because I'm having a baby. That wouldn't be fair since we've been planning it since last summer. Let's plan on working on a baby after we go to Ohio.

Damn, woman. When you make a promise, you don't fuck around!

So unless the urge to procreate totally goes away, that is our plan. Maybe I'll get a basket full of Chihuahuas instead.

The dogs have went and upset Sweety. He came home from work yesterday and found four piss puddles on our bathroom floor. The dogs were sleeping in their beds in our room and then going into the bathroom to relieve themselves. Because of this, they are no longer allowed to sleep in our bedroom. Do you know what this means? This means that at least once (or twice if I'm really lucky!) I have to get up in the night because the dogs are yapping (Chi Chi has turned into their ringleader. When she barks it sounds like a tiny duck quacking.) and want to go outside. I don't really think they need to potty because if they are sleeping in our room they will usually not want to be let out. I think they just want to get out of the bathroom for a bit.

It's finally cool enough at night that we can turn the air conditioner off and leave the windows open! I love it! There is something so enjoyable about being under a bunch of blankets that are so heavy that you can't move your legs and you're breathing in nice, cold air. Another bonus is that our neighbor has a little pond in his backyard and I can hear the water gurgling. The water gurgling drowns out the sound of Stinky dog licking her toes.


The Phosgene Kid said...

You crap in the bathroom and they don't complain, so what's the problem??

Chickie said...

But when I crap in the bathroom it gets flushed away and not left to step in. Dog urine is very slippery.

patti_cake said...

LMAO at phosgene kid.
I hate dog urine too. Holly pees in the kitchen during the day.

Chickie said...

Patti_Cake - What makes me mad is that I know they can hold it. If I don't leave the bathroom door open then they won't potty in the same room that they are sleeping in.