All About the Chi-Chister

holyshitilovethisdogYou know what is really neat about Chi Chi? (or Cheech, as I sometimes call her) She doesn't really have any odor. I wash her with my soap (smells like flowers and whatnot) and can huff her for about 2 weeks before that smell goes away. When the flower pretty smell leaves, she smells kind of like ripe pee but it isn't a smell that I find offensive. Maybe that is just my love of the dog. You must sniff her if you ever meet us. You will love it. Really.

I think when it's her time to be freeze-dried, I will ask if they can leave her tongue poking out. It might be too brittle though. I know how I am and I'd want to touch it and I'm afraid that it would break off. But if it breaks off - it would just look like it was curled up in her mouth, wouldn't it? Oh my. I just caught myself wondering what freeze-dried dog tongue would taste like. You know that if I broke it off that I would feel compelled to eat it. I don't know if I would. If I did, that would be one thing that I would not share with the internet. Too weird. Heh, now if you ever see a photo of freeze-dried Chi Chi and her tongue isn't hanging out, you'll wonder if I ate it.

She gets breakfast in bed when it's chilly. She won't stand on the floor to eat if it is cold. If you live this long then you deserve to have your food bowl where ever the hell you want. And I like pleasing her.

Breakfast in bed

See that food she's eating? I've got her off of food that you have to buy wet and onto dry food that has been mixed with water. Tiny and her eat the same food now so that makes buying it a bit easier. I figure it's good for her to chew anyway. Good exercise.


bekah said...

Have you ever tried soaking her dry food in water so it's soggy and easier to chew? My mom used to do that for her Pom when he was a little baby and couldn't chew.

moooooog35 said...

Remember when you DO decide to try freeze-dried dog tongue, to soak it in water.

If it worked for her in life, it will work for you in her frozen state.

Helpful tip.

On another note, you went from cute..to utterly disgusting-thought-I-was-going-to-vomit-in-my-mouth...back to cute.

I've never respected you more.

Chickie said...

Bekah - I let it sit in some hot water while they're pottying. Tiny and Chi Chi get all excited now when they see that I have a little cup in my hand and tell them that I'm fixing to "cook breakfast".

Moooooog35 - I'd eat it dry. I don't like slick food and I have a hunch that reconstituted dog tongue would be slippery.

It can be a roller coaster of emotion when you tune in here.

Mike said...

At least you are able to keep her in one place when she eats. Carmen takes a bite of her food and then runs off someplace else to eat it, leaving little food crumbs all over the place.

Chickie said...

Mike - She won't run away because she's afraid someone will steal it. I don't think she even comes up for air when she's eating.

Stinky and Tiny will do the scatter-food-all-over-the-place thing if I let them. I lock them in their room til they're done eating now. Got tired of slipping in dog slobber/dog food mush.

themom said...

...and this little one isn't spoiled at all. How adorable. My galoot of a dog is being trained to bring me breakfast in bed..so far I get only hair balls.

Anonymous said...

How old is Chi Chi? I know that you've probably mentioned it before but I can't recall.

Chickie said...

TheMom - Your dog must have taken cooking lessons where Stinky did. She is a champ at serving up hairballs.

Midwestern City Boy - When I met her in '95 she was 3 or 5 (I can't remember). I err on the low side and say that she's 15. And I feel like that gives me at least another couple of years with her.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

I love your tenderness and appreciation for that teeny old lady. I would do the exact same thing. (Except possibly eating the tongue bit. Cuz I'm a vegetarian.)

Chickie said...

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Since you didn't kill her to eat, couldn't you overlook the vegetarian part? It would almost be like paying homage to her.

I'm going to keep her tongue in her mouth when she's freeze dried so I don't end up eating it.

Sara Sue said...

She's just so cute!! I love her tiny paws!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

She is a little darling...And I love the way YOU Love her, Chickie! I think it is so sweet that you feed her where she can be warm.....She is a 'dear' and so are you....Tongue, and all! (lol)

Chickie said...

Sara Sue - The paws are one of my favorite parts. Like tiny cotton pads on the end of furry cigarettes.

Lady of the Hills - Thank you :) She's easy to adore!