A Byproduct of Gin & Juice

A couple of years ago, I bought some new dishes. Sweety and I didn't have a matched set so I got these. My mistake was in only purchasing enough for 4 people. When I got them, I thought I'd go back in a a few days and pick up another set. But they were sold out when I went back. I've spent the past 2 years haunting the kitchen aisle of Target, hoping to find another box but never had any luck. Yesterday we went and got enough dishes for eight. Ha ha! Cloth napkins! I've turned into a fluffhead that keeps the table set with cloth napkins! I love walking by the dining room table now.

PeteTheFish is enjoying the new view too. The only bad thing is that Pete doesn't match the black/red/white color scheme as he is purple. When he dies, his replacement will be red. He's already a year and a half old so it shouldn't be much longer. Geez, did I say that? How callous. I love you Pete 7! I see that Pete 6 would have fit in perfectly on the new table.

I didn't get around to putting my tree up for HNT on Thursday so here it is now.


Before there were presents under it, Stinky liked to lay and tan under the blinding lights. I'm pretty sure I saw her sweating a couple of times.

We spent a large chunk of the day reclaiming our cabinet and drawer space. Went through all of them in the kitchen and bathroom and threw shit out. It's nice to open a drawer up and actually see what I'm looking for instead of madly pawing through all of them twice.

After the beginning of the year, our bonus system at work is being revised. This will result in tiny (if any) bonuses. Say you've been getting 700 a month - you'll be lucky to get 200 and that will be quickly eaten up by taxes. Have you ever had someone set the bar so high that it is imfuckingpossible to reach? That is where my comrades and I are sitting. It is kind of liberating. We know that there is no way to hit the brass ring to why bother trying? We're ready to just sit around and enjoy being the hourly peons that we are.

One of the first things that our new supervisor did was delegate all of her shitwork amongst us. Luckily, I missed that meeting because I would have freaked out. As far as I'm concerned, I'm there to answer the damn phone and that is all. She said that she was giving out these tasks because it would help people advance in the company. Yah. Whatever. Maybe it's because you'd rather not do these things.

God help me if anyone I work with ever finds this blog. We have a blog policy at work. We are supposed to have a disclaimer that states, "I do not express the views of Blah-Blah company." and we're not supposed to say anything negative about coworkers. I figure as long as I don't call anyone a cunt or a fucking waterhead that I'm safe.

Oh! Guess what I found while cleaning the drawers today? Some prescription calm-my-ass-down pills that I didn't know I still had. They should make my next week of work bearable.

Check out BigBrother(13)...

Do you know what size his damn shoes are? Eleven. I almost choked when we went shopping and that was what he needed. I think we should have him start smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee to stunt his growth or we will go broke feeding him and having elves make his shoes in size Freaking Huge.

BB has really embraced the whole FFA thing. He is getting a goat next year to show. Unfortunately, we cannot keep it here. It will live at the school's barn.

Die Hard is on and Sweety knows every.freaking.word. That is very weird to me. I've never seen it and he is telling me what will happen before it happens.

Wow. Not only can Sweety recite this movie word for word, he can also hop around and mimic the action before it happens on the screen. I am duly impressed. Hey! When this movie was made the price of gas was 75 cents a gallon! I wish I had a video camera that could take sneaky pictures in the low light. You would love this shit. He's like an orangutan on acid. Hey, Sweety! I love you!

I need to go to bed but I don't want to because I'll have to go to work when I wake up.

You deserve a medal if you've read this damn far.

Hi-yah! I wish I knew karate because I've got a really good "Hi-yah!" yell.

I'm gonna go do something productive like bathe.

Sweety says, "Hi to the internet!".


Kat said...

I love finding old calm down pills stuffed in a drawer! It's like Christmas! LOL

Big brother certainly is tall. Dang. New shoes every 3-4 months these days huh?
I'm gonna make the teens get real jobs here soon cuz I'm getting tired of buying shoes.

mace said...

You know what big feet means...err...wait, maybe you don't want to know.


OH.MY.EFFING.GOD. (thought you'd like that comment)!!

My husband is a DIE HARD, DIE HARD fan. Unfortunately since I've seen it so many times, I know it by heart, too. Yippie Ky Aye MOTHER FUCKER!!!!! I think Hans Grueber is the coolest bad guy ever. You know he's SNAPE in Harry Potter, right?

I have not seen an FFA jacket since HIGH SCHOOL. I didn't know they had 'em outside of Texas and Oklahoma!

Man, you should let him bring the goat to your house. You would'nt have to MOW! And it would give the doglets something to do.


OH yeah, and my company has the same policy. That's why I just refer to it as an automotive financing company. We can't bad mouth our company either.

Yeah. I kinda learned about THAT before! *blush*

Mike said...

I wonder what companies are so afraid of that they have to have that kind of policy. The place I worked for in Ohio had one of those policies. The one in Utah didn't have one but I think that is only because they hadn't discovered the internet yet.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I love cloth napkins. That was one of the first things I bought myself when I got my own apartment. You're tree looks beautiful! Very festive.

In my last year of retail, they messed with the bonuses in the exact same way. The goals were impossible to reach but everyone busted their hump anyway so the company still made good monthly numbers. But I was on to them, and only worked 10, versus the 12 hours I'd been working previously. Hah!

Hi back at you, Sweety!

here today, gone tomorrow said...

"Your", not "you're". Sorry.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Yikes - in that uniform the kid looks as though he is off to a Hitler Youth meeting!!

Cissy Strutt said...

Hi Sweetie!

If I was your housekeeper, I'd be muttering under my breath at having to iron your cloth napkins, but I do love mine, too. Mine are my mother's damask ones that she used to keep stiffly starched. I like to keep them softly folded.


themom said...

Just found your blog from "cHAMPIONABLE" and you are a trip. Great photos and hilarious posts. I will be back!

patti_cake said...

Hi Sweety!!!

I think BB is so adorable and it's cool he's into FFA. It gives him something to do and will hopefully keep him out of trouble (OMG I sound like such a MOM!)

You should have taken a pic of Stinky under your gorgeous tree!

I feel ya on the bonuses, they suck ass here too. I remember when I used to get three times as much but HEY i've still got a steady paycheck.

moooooog35 said...

I read the WHOLE thing.

Where can I claim my medal? Is it a real medal, or one of those plastic ones you get at gymnastics class?

Is there a trophy?

Can I get a trophy broad instead of a standard trophy?

Thanks in advance.

Ginamonster said...

I love the new dishes. I covet them. I would think about buying myself a set (so i can be like you...) if I had a home. But then, buying more dishes makes me like my mother...

BigBrother is a tall one all right...

I don't know if my company has a blog policy, but since I don't mentione them and I try not to talk abut work people these days, I guess it doesn't matter.

Before you take scanjolina's advice, please read my goat stories. They're funny, but it's important to know that my goat ate everything BUT the weeds. And he cried all the time. But that's another story.

Chickie said...

Kat - Yeah, it was ridiculous how excited I was to see what was in the bottle! It's gotten to where he outgrows his shoes before he wears them out. It's a good thing that LittleBrother is okay with hand-me-downs.

Mace - *inserting fingers in ears* La-la-la! Did you say something?

Scanjolina - I've never seen Die Hard and when Sweety found that out he was appalled. I didn't know they had FFA anywhere else either!
I'd love to have the goat here but I'm pretty sure we're not allowed to have farm animals.
Ah, getting dooced...live and learn, huh?

Mike - In Utah, computers are commonly referred to as "devil boxes".

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - I'd never had cloth napkins before. I thought you were stuffy if you used them. But they are so pretty! I'm gonna get some more.

Don't you hate it when you misspell something in a comment? I used to delete my comments and leave them again if I did that and then I realized that the blog owner was getting all of these comments in their email box and could see how anal I was.

The Phosgene Kid - Gee, you're right. I'll have to teach him how to salute.

Cissy Strutt - I wouldn't iron a napkin. Wouldn't that make it hard to actually use? I like your "hai" better than mine. I'm stealing it! Hai-yah!

TheMom - Thank you for coming by!

Patti_Cake - After BB got all dressed (with those shoes on he's as tall as me) I was like, "whoa, who the hell are you?".
Tree photos of Stinky (and the rest of the canines) are forthcoming!
Yeah, I keep telling myself that at least I have a job. I know that a bonus is a bonus but it's hard when you get used to them and then they are tinkered with.

Moooooog35 - The key word here is deserve. You don't always get what you deserve.

Ginamonster - You know what's bad about the dishes? We haven't used them yet because I don't want to get them dirty. It didn't seem right to use them for the first time on pizza or leftovers. I'm going to cook dinner tonight so they can be used properly.
I need to go prowl through all of your archives!

Amy said...

You know... there is really nothing better than gin, juice AND a calm-me-down pill.

Anonymous said...

I think we've all done the not get enough of a matched set thing thinking that we an always get more later. These days, merchandise selections are so changeable that it's better to get as many as you want when you see them because you may never see them again.

I don't even know why companies have "bonus" programs that are so obviously unattainable. I'm sure that there are a few people who may think that we are going to get a bonus; but, for most people, is a signal to do LESS work.

P.S. Your Christmas tree is lovely. Maybe we'll get to see you and it together one of these days.

Chickie said...

Amy - Girl, that's what I did last night and I still feel like I'm short about 57 I.Q. points. But it was a great sleep!

Midwestern City Boy - I learned that lesson with the dishes. Sweety still makes a big production when we are at Target of looking to see if they have any stray dishes that match ours.

I'd just as soon not have a bonus program than to have one that is so hard to reach. Under our old one, you had to work to get there but it was feasible.

There might be a tree photo in the future before we take it down!