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BigBrother's(13) social studies project was done today. Sweety busied himself doing things outside while I supervised the project. The point of his project was whether or not it was a good idea to drop the atomic bombs on Japan. I set him loose with things to read about it and let him come up with his own decision. His decision was that it was a good idea because less people were killed in Japan than the number of U.S. soldiers that were projected to die if the war continued. Now, I don't agree with it, (Because I figure that soldiers sign up for war but little Japanese kids on their way to school did not. And if you think I am unpatriotic then you can move on.) but I decided to keep my opinions to myself and let him do the project how he wants to. I saw a documentary awhile back that was interviewing people that survived the bombings and I'm going to find it and let him watch it.

To celebrate the end of the project, I took a really hot bath with lots of fizzy stuff in the water to make me soft and built a big gin and ice. I feel much more relaxed now than I did a few hours ago. I am disturbed by the amount of shit left floating in my glass after the ice melted though. Our water is disgusting. Ew.

Has anyone out there that has read the story seen I Am Legend? Did you like it or did it suck ass? I've read the story probably a dozen times and have a certain idea in my head of how it goes and am afraid that watching the movie will ruin it for me. LittleBrother(10) has decided that he wants to see the movie though, so I am letting him read my dog-eared copy of the the book first. After he reads it, we're going to make a day of going to eat and watching the movie. Even though I'm not too keen on seeing the movie, I'm all for anything that will get him interested enough to read a book.

You know those tubes you put your money in when you go to a bank drive through? Sweety is dying to stick Chi Chi in one and send her rocketing into the bank. I will not allow it. I'm afraid she might have a heart attack. Maybe if she were a young pup...but definitely not now. Goddamn, I love that little dog.

And Tiny and Stinky. I love them too. But I'm loving Chi Chi extra hard since she is so damn old. I am sure you understand.

Kat is having a contest to give away a $25 Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card. If you're a fan of the place, stop by and enter! All you have to do is leave your email address. Hey, if you're NOT a fan of BB&B, go ahead and enter and if you win, you can send it to me! Heh. That's where we got our new dishes and if I get lucky and win the gift card, I'll go get another set. You know, just in case I ever decide to cook dinner for twelve. Ha! Actually, it would be nice to have another set so I don't freak out when one of the set we have gets broken. Because that sort of thing is inevitable.

Did I ever tell you about LB breaking one of my Grandma's dishes? I don't think I did and I'm too drunk lazy to check in the archives. Before Grandma died, she asked me and my sister what we wanted of hers and the only things we asked for were dishes. Not fancy-schmancy dishes either. Just the plain dishes that we'd eaten on at her house when we were kids. At Thanksgiving the year after she died, I decided to let the kids eat off of her dishes. And LittleBrother promptly dropped his on the floor on accident. The damn green beans were still steaming on his plate. The only thing that saved him was that it was a holiday and I thought it would be in poor form to freak out and ruin Thanksgiving for him so I acted like it was no big deal. Then I went into the bathroom and screamed into a towel. I found a website once where you could find discontinued dishes if you needed one or two to fill out your set and I need to go back and order one.

I have gone on long enough and my glass is empty.


themom said...

I thought I was the only person who went psycho when a dish or glass gets broken...so glad I'm not alone...I can relate.

As for the dog in the vacuum shoot at the bank - NAH!!! Love the commercials though -with the kid putting everything in it and shooting it out at customers. 'Wish we could all have fun like that. Take care - pour another one!

TK Kerouac said...


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Mybrid said...

Between you shooting a dog up a vaccum chute and Mike using his dog as a vaccum - you two should publish a book "a 1000 uses for a small dog." Not unlike the book called "1000 uses for a dead cat."

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I agree with you about The Atomic Bomb and The Hydrogen Bomb....I hope he does watch that documentary...It might not change his mind, but then again, it might! I can certainly understand you loving little Chi Chi as you do....She crawls into ones heart--JUST in the pictures of her on your blog....(Where do you all get these ideas about the things you do like Shooting the dog into that Money Shute....OY...lol)

BTW: Thanks for the comment my dear....and you can be bossy all you want...lol...But truthfully, I never think about the fact that I did NOT Marry...only now, as I age, and wish there were a Significant Other to share the Aging burdens with---it is very nice not to have to do that, alone....But most of the time...It is, as I said, it's just fine with me....! Give those three Doggies a BIG BIG Hug, for me!

SCANjolina said...

I've got a margarita sitting right here with me whilst Im realding your blog. that could be the very reason that this may not be speled right or even makes sense. but sending yr dog throug the bank think would be realy fun. lmao. heck, I'd like to go through noe of thse.

have a good nice. love me some brunk bloggiong

Mike said...

You should never allow the length of a post to exceed the quantity in your glass. It's just not right.

I have never thought of putting a chihuahua through one of those bank vacuum tubes, but now that you mention it, it does sound like fun. I'll have to consider it now.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

I'm sorry; the image of Chi Chi being snorked up the bank tube has me giggling uncontrollably.

We all did the same thing with my Grandma's dishes. It's all we wanted - they were the plates we ate macaroni off of many a Sunday afternoon. I'd be heartbroken if any of them were ruined. (The Cap'n is not allowed to touch them.)

Anonymous said...

Even if most people won't admit it, wars have always been about killing civilians. Nuclear weapons are more effective because they kill more at once. I'm not saying that it's right or wrong, only that it's the way of things in war.

Sara Sue said...

They still have those tubes there?? Oh please shoot some video of one! I was trying to explain them to my niece ... she thinks I'm nuts.

Chickie said...

themom - You know, it probably wouldn't bug me so much if something got broken and I could go out and just buy one more. But having to get a whole new set? Agh.

TK Kerouac - Okey-doke!

Mybrid - You have an excellent idea! I am sure that I could take at least 500 photos of chihuahuas crammed into interesting places.

Lady of the Hills - I don't know where Sweety got the money chute idea but he's been mentioning it a lot lately. I should probably hide her when I go to work!

I'm glad you picked out of my comment what I was trying to say!

Scanjolina - Drunk blogging can be very cathartic. Like keyboard vomit.

Mike - Please let us know how it goes if you send Carmen for a ride!

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - The idea of seeing the teller's face when they get her on the other end cracks me up. Then I think of Chi Chi's terror and feel guilty for laughing. After she is dead and freezed-dried - I'm doing it!

Sweety won't use the plates because he's afraid of being the unlucky soul around when one gets dropped.

Midwestern City Boy - I know that's the way of war but I wish that BigBrother hadn't been so cheery when he came to his conclusion. When he saw how many people died in Japan, he didn't realize that most of them were civilians and kids like him. It kind of sobered him when I told him that.

Sara Sue - I see a video post in your future? If you don't have those tubes there, how do your bank drive throughs work?

Patti said...

Oh honey I am so sorry about your grandma's dish. You are a better woman than I would have been I think. I treasure stuff like that WAY too much.

I know how you feel about Chi Chi. I miss my little Holly Bug SO MUCH

Chickie said...

Patti - You know, I thought I was over the dish being broken because it happened 2 or 3 years ago. But I guess I'm not!

I think little old dogs are so endearing!