Politically Incorrect Confession

My new pet peeve:

When I walk up to talk to my supervisor at work and she and the other supervisor she's talking to start yammering in Spanish and pretend that I'm not there. That pisses me off. It is rude.

I need to learn Spanish.

For the record, this has happened to other people on the team too and it pisses them off even though they are Hispanic also. They are going to complain about it. I'm glad. If I were to complain it would be twisted around to say that I'm racist.

Sweet, tiny, unemployed baby Jesus...I wish I didn't have to go to work today.


bekah said...

I have a headache. Not related, at all, to your Spanish speaking superior, but it's all I can think about right now.

Elise said...

Can't say the whole Spanish thing has ever happened to me... or any other language for the matter.

Spanish is an easy language to pick up apparently. Get one of those "learn spanish in 60 mins" cds


Patti said...

Yes that is unbelievably RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL.

You need to at least learn to say "Silence bitches" in Spanish.

Jen said...

It is very rude, me being the bitch that I am, I would just have to say something!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Just pipe up and say "Do I smell tacos??" That ought to shut them up.

bekah said...

Oh yeah, Phosgene Kid's comment reminded me of this one time these guys on Xbox Live were blathering on in Spanish and it was irritating the shit out of us and so during one of their pauses my friend goes, "And a large, I'm sorry, GRANDE, burrito and two tacos, please." It really did shut them up. Until when they started calling him all sorts of names. That was funny, though.

Anonymous said...

Just learn how to say one or two sentences in good Spanish and say it to them. Then, when they think that you know the language, maybe they'll talk in English since talking in another language won't have an advantage. Right now, you can't tell whether they are talking about work related stuff, shooting the breeze or talking about YOU.

SCANjolina said...

How 'bout learning how to say "I know exactly what you mean" in SPANISH!!

Or better yet...SAY IT IN KOREAN!!! LMAO!!

...or talk pig latin....

Yeah, well, I'd do nothing, too!

Amy said...

That would piss me off too!

moooooog35 said...

Try talking to someone in Puerto Rico, giving them technical support. This is what I hear:

Me: "So...are you doing what I asked?"

Them (on Speakerphone): "Jes. Jes. One minute."


Them (whispering on Speakerphone): "potato potahto potato Rodney potato potahto Rodney"

(I use the word "potato" to represent Spanish words.)

...but my NAME is sprinkled in there.


Drives me nuts.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the rudeness! Several months ago I had a couple of Spanish-speaking cleaning ladies at my house ... I was trying to explain something to them (and they both do speak English btw) ..They started yapping away to each other in Spanish .. I speak minimal Spanish but my 8 year old speaks fluent Spanish and her eyes bugged out and she told me some of what they were saying. And yes, it was rude...they were calling me a rich bitch (HA!)...had they taken the time to find out why I had them cleaning for me for a few months, they would have found out I was ill and could not do it myself at that time. I had my daughter fire them in Spanish. :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

When we were children, my parents use to sprak yiddish when they didn't want us to know what they were talking about....This is kind of like that, isn't it, only you are all adults and fellow workers together....Not very bice.

Chickie said...

Bekah - If I had a head like that, it would hurt too. Heh. Sorry. I feel compelled to say that whenever anyone says they have a headache.

I hope your noggin got to feeling better!

My sister and niece are big on playing Call of Duty 4 online. She has to turn the sound down so Sylvie doesn't hear all of the curse words.

Elise - I am seriously considering learning Spanish just for this type of situation.

Patti - Ha! I would love to do that! Maybe on my last day there...

Jen - I wish I would have spoken up. I just don't have the nerve for it.

The Phosgene Kid - Bwahahahaha! Dude, are you trying to get me fired?

Midwestern City Boy - They were dropping enough English words that I could figure out they were bitching about something that either me or a coworker had done. That is when I got really annoyed. Obviously, I was there to ask a question so they should have put their gossiping on hold.

Scanjolina - I'm thinking of developing some sort of loud, nervous tic to use whenever my supervisor is talking to me. I haven't decided what my ailment will be yet.

Amy - I'm glad I'm not alone!

Moooooog35 - The sup is from PR, she has a giant PR flag hanging on her cubicle wall. And now that you mention it, maybe it did sound like they were saying "potato".

Lyn - That is great! I'll bet it shocked them when your daughter did the firing in their native tongue!

Lady of the Hills - Exactly, the only reason to do this sort of thing is if you are saying things that you don't want someone else to hear. If that's the case, you should wait til I'm out of earshot. I told someone on my team that we should start whispering every time she or the other supervisor walks by.

Rich | Championable said...

I'm still wrestling with the "Jesus was unemployed" thing. My brain hurts. It's 6:16am, for Pete's sake!

Chickie said...

Rich Championable - Grown-up Jesus may have been busy but I figure baby Jesus wasn't doing much.