A Few Quick Things

Sammy isn't doing so good. His neutering did not go well. I guess only one testicle had descended and the vet spent 2 freaking hours rooting around in the dog's abdomen looking for the other one before giving up. Maybe Sammy just had one nut? Maybe the vet could have looked for it using ultrasound instead of just poking around in his innards for that length of time? I dunno. I do know that poor Sammy has only peed once in the past 5 days and doesn't move around at all. I feel so guilty. And do you know what the real kicker is? You know, Sammy was being fixed because I said we'd only take him if he was fixed? And we were taking him because his family was moving and were afraid they wouldn't be able to rent a new house if they had a dog?

Well, instead of renting - they are buying a house. This means that more likely than not, Sammy won't be coming here to stay if he lives anyway. Ain't that some shit? You have no idea how bad I feel about this.

The place I mentioned the other day, Candle Dippers? The owner noticed that hits were coming from here and gave me a discount code for anyone to use. The code is 756ce4 and it can be used once per person for 15% off of your total order. I'm going to scoop up some more things from there. I've decided that from now on, Chi Chi will be bathed in flea soap and that will be followed by Orange Pomegranate shower gel. I so wish you could sniff her.

Sweety cleaned out the attic today. It is full of stuff from when the boys were babies. Toys, baby furniture, stuffed animals and so on. He didn't toss everything out because he just couldn't bear to part with some of the things. (I tried to take photos of the pile of things that he was crying over before throwing them out but he said he would kill me if I did.) One thing he didn't get rid of was the bassinet-cradle thing. I guess if I ever have our own little dirt urchin, it will spend the first few weeks of its life in it.

I must go now. LittleBrother(11) and I are going to do some running around!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I hate hearing story;s about incompetant VETS!!! It reminds me of my Mooney...She was my cat before Sweetie. This Vet was a good doctor, but truthfully, he got bad....! He fixed her abd told me she only had one ovary and he had only seen that once before....!
Six months later, she came into heat....! So much for her only hsving one ovary! So, he operated again...And took out the other ovary and cut into her Uthera by mistake!! And it was a horror show! Poor dear was never the same after that when it came to her toilet habits---NOT her fault....! By the time I discovered that TAT is what happened, years later...They could not fix the problem....This was pure negligence on his part and I never got over him loosing it in a way...I am aftaid Drugs were involved....Him taking Drugs, I mean! Because at one time he was a very good Vet!
So very sorry to read this about poor dear Sammy....I hope he will be alright, Chickie...Prayers will be forthcoming....!

Rich | Championable said...

Oh, yikes. Here's to a swifter recovery.

Mike said...

Really sorry to hear about Sammy. I sure hope he pulls through.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Poor Sammy! Please don't feel guilty. Keep us posted on the little guy.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that dogs could have undescended testicles. Do they still work for dogs if they're not in the proper place? He was probably running on one ball as it was and there was no reason to look for the other one. I hope that Sammy is doing better today.

SCANjolina said...

Awwww...poor Sammy! Hope he pulls through.

Elise said...

Bloody Vets!

When I first got my cat I took her to the vet and the vet wanted to get her neuted. I point blank refused and he gave me a lecture.

Sometimes vets are so arrogant and rude.

I hope Sammy pulls through ok. The poor thing must be in pain. The vet should have looked harder for his other testicle. I

f Sammy were a human getting an op done a surgeon wouldn't leave something in there would he?


Patti said...

Chickie if it makes you feel any better getting Sammy neutered WAS the best thing for him. Reilly had a recessed testicle and had it not been removed would probably have led to cancer. Sammy will be okay, I just know it. Keep me posted.

Jess said...

Yikes! Sorry to hear about Sammy. Its not your fault! Its the VETS fault!

Do not feel bad for insisting he was neutered. Spaying and neutering saves lives. So many unwanted dogs and cats are born and then abandoned or turn up in shelters, it is a reasonable request.

I know it feels horrible but it is not your fault.

Thomas said...

Fucking brutal and sociopathic vets. Good ones are hard to find. I have a good one that I have used for years, but there was a time period where I thought I was going to have to kill a vet everytime the dogs went in for a check up.
Good luck to the little guy. He will be happier when he is healed.


bekah said...

I'm sorry about Sammy. I hate that everyone is bashing the vet though, you people don't know for sure that the rooting is what caused the problem and very well could've been something that would've happened anyway. . I mean, yeah, it doesn't sound healthy to root for two hours but I'm no vet, I don't know how you'd go about finding a lost ball.

I really hope he gets well and please don't blame yourself. If anything, the owners of Sammy should feel guilty because they're the ones who were all, "oh we're renting we can't keep him, you take him," and then they decided to buy a damn house. They should've looked into things closer before deciding he should live with you.

Chickie said...

Still no word on Sammy. The lady I work with (her son is his owner) has been out sick for the past couple of days so I haven't heard anything new.

I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.