Woot! Woot!

Bekah is one of my favorite people. She's short. I like to pat her head.

This was when Tiny and I went road tripping last summer. We must do it again!


Elise said...

One more shot for the road!

Must say she's right. It is a prett drink.. Well the bottle/ shot glass is anyway


moooooog35 said...

Where's the on-bar dancing?!?

What a gyp.

bekah said...

Yes we'll definitely be doing it again sometime... that is if Sweety will allow you to be around me after viewing this video. LOL.

Mike said...

I thought for sure Bekah was going to spew after she drank that green drinks.

Green drinks are almost never good for you.

Great video and is sure looks like you guys were having fun!

Patti said...

Fun times, how is Sammy doing?