Happy Wednesday!

I've been busy surviving, not thriving, at my place of employment and it is sucking the life out of me. We have heard that the new supervisor will be the next person promoted in our site because she is Hispanic and a woman and that the site hasn't met the quota of having that sort of person in the position above hers. To be honest, where I work, the minority is white males. You don't see too many of those walking around as supervisors or higher-ups. When our supervisor is finally promoted, I will be the first person standing in line to bake her a cake, wish her well and send her on her merry fucking way. It has occurred to me that there is not one single Asian woman in a supervisor position. I am seriously thinking of climbing the corporate ladder. I feel with my 6+ years of seniority and my Korean blood and girly genes that I should own the place! (not. that would require too much ass kissing and I'm not up for that. ever.)

Have I mentioned that I am beyond ready for a vacation? I am. I have 4 days off in April and I think Sweety and will go somewhere. Or maybe we'll just stay at home. We haven't decided yet. I'm just looking forward to not having to go to work.

I came home from work Monday night and I was soooo thirsty. But there was nothing to drink. Nothing except grapefruit juice. I think grapefruit juice is nasty so I mixed it with gin the help the taste. It was probably not a good idea to start drinking at 10 p.m. I kept going into the bedroom to wake Sweety and bitch about my job. He had to get up at 5 and finally banished me and the dogs from the bedroom so we all slept on the couch. You know, the couch has my butt print on it from where I sit so much because it's so comfy for sitting but for sleeping? Not so much. Tiny and Stinky loved it though. I let them take the cones off of their heads because if I felt them nibbling or licking holes in their bodies, I could give them a little poke to stop.

We got a new thing to hang on the wall this weekend! This is what is used to look like and here it is now! We went into the store and saw this hanging high up on the wall. It was too high up to see the price tag and we decided that was a sign to not even think of getting it. We'd been wandering around the store for a bit and another couple asked to have it taken down so they could look at it. Then I decided if they didn't get it that it was a sign that it was ours. It took them 20 minutes to decide they weren't buying it (I was circling them like a buzzard the whole time.) because they couldn't fit it into their car. Another guy walked up to look at it when they turned away and I ran up and snatched that bitch up and tucked it under my arm the best that I could. Then I carried it to a corner so I could meticulously inspect it for scratches or dings. It was purchased and lovingly wrapped in paper to protect it and we squoze it into the car and came home.

Sweety wasn't feeling very good and went in the house to take some medicine. Usually, I let him to the lifting and moving of things but since he wasn't feeling well and I wanted to get that picture into the house right now and get it on the wall, I decided to carry it in myself.

Sweety stepped into the garage just in time to see me hoist it out of the trunk and whack it on the underside of the garage door. A little piece of me died when my whole body vibrated from the force of smacking it into the door. Of course, the bottom part of the picture got fucked up. But it's not too bad. I was able to kind of slick it down with my finger and you can't tell that it's messed up unless you are close and looking for it.


Thomas said...

Welcome back, we missed you.
It must be tough in blog land. I don't feel like blogging much either.

Chickie said...

Thomas - Maybe we have some sort of blogger's virus?

Thanks for missing me. Maybe that will motivate me more.

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side. If she get promoted then you won't have to deal with her on a daily basis anymore.

Patti said...

Yepper bake that bitch a cake and send her on her merry f'ing way. I hate crappy bosses.

Chickie said...

Midwestern City Boy - Exactly! I'm so hoping that her day to climb up another rung on the corporate ladder comes soon!

Patti - I swear, I have never met anyone like her. She is a piece of work.

Chickie said...

Midwestern City Boy - Exactly! I'm so hoping that her day to climb up another rung on the corporate ladder comes soon!

Patti - I swear, I have never met anyone like her. She is a piece of work.