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Back in December, the cuntofanexwife made a big deal about wanting to have the boys the whole week of their Spring Break because they were going to rent a cabin and take all 7 kids to Tennessee. It was going to be the very first family vacation that the boys would go on with her. Well, guess what? They're not going.

Sweety and I contemplated making plans for a vacation during that week since the boys would be gone, but decided not to just in case they didn't go somewhere with the coaew and might be at our house for a few days. She called Sweety the other day and told him that the plan to go to TN had fallen through but they were going to call and rent a cabin at Blah-Blah Island. Sweety told me that she hadn't called yet but when she did that she would find that you have to reserve a place there at least 2 years in advance. I just love it when she promises the boys something and doesn't deliver! (I'm being sarcastic here, okay? I don't love it. It pisses me right off.) Maybe someday she will learn that you don't tell kids that you're going to do something if you're not 100% sure that you will follow through. Continual let-downs go towards eroding that little thing called "trust".

I have admitted to Sweety that Tiny Dog is in the bed with me as soon as he leaves for work in the morning. I also told him that a few nights ago (when he was in the bed too), I let her sleep with us and moved her back into her own bed before he woke up. He was very upset to hear about this. Look, I know she's a damn animal but I like her. She's warm. Like a little heated brick in the night. It's nice. People that live in cold states should get a Chihuahua to sleep with in the winter. I am sure their electric bills would go down.

I'm fairly certain that Tiny understands English. We were having some issues last week where she wanted to yip at me in the night to be let into the bed with us but since Sweety wasn't fully asleep, I couldn't bring her up. Under the pretense of scolding her, I took her into the living room and explained that when Papa is at home that she can not be in the bed but that I am more than happy to get her as soon as he leaves. She promptly crawled into bed with Stinky Dog and didn't make a peep until Sweety left for work the next morning. Within 45 seconds of him walking out of the room, she was yapping at me. Her usual "let me in bed" yap is a tiny, quiet yip. This yapping was full-throated screaming with pinned back ears, eyes narrowed to evil slits and her paws were on the bed with her head as close to mine as possible. I think she remembered my promise to put her in the bed after he left and was making sure that I followed through. I did.

There was a meeting this morning at work to let us talk about our new supervisor. She wasn't there, just her supervisor and someone from our human resources department. Since I'm off on Tuesday, they offered to change my schedule so I could go in for the meeting but I told my supervisor that I wouldn't say anything in the meeting anyway because I don't like talking in front of people. She said that I can meet privately with her supervisor and the HR person later. Now that I think about it, it would have probably been a better thing for me to go in with the group and bitch because then maybe my bitching wouldn't stand out so much. I babble when I'm nervous and I could see myself saying something stupid enough to get myself fired during a private meeting. I'm going to have to rehearse what I want to say and then not fill any silence in the room with babbling. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll forget about meeting with me.

I'm off of work this Friday! Yay! Hip-hip-hooray! I'm taking a vacation day to celebrate Leap Year. I figure since February 29 only comes around every 4 years that it deserves some recognition. To make it even better - that day is also pay day.

I still haven't bought a golf club. The retention pond behind our house has water in it now and I would love to launch some boiled eggs into it. I need to scour some garage sales and find a used club. I want a fat one. I think it's called a wood? Or a driver? I'll know it when I see it.


Rich | Championable said...

I'm kind of saddened by the fact that you don't trust your readership to recognize your sarcasm.


I'm over it now.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

I sleep very badly when the cats are not in the bed. Period, end of story, no more discussion. Adapt or leave (the man, not the cats.) What is Sweety's objection?

Wow...things must be pretty hairy with the new supervisor if HER supervisor and HR come in for meeting. Scary.

Chickie said...

Rich Championable - I figured people would know I was being sarcastic but since I'm coming off of a post where I said I'd run over someone and drive away, I wanted to make myself clear.

I'm glad your sadness is over. The guilt was killing me.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Sweety's objection is he is the human and the bed is his. He feels Tiny is spoiled enough already and doesn't need to sleep in our bed.

Yeah, things are getting hairy. A letter was sent to HR outlining some of her practices and this meeting is the outcome.

SCANjolina said...

See, I try to write like you, and mine's always boring. Yours always make me laugh.

God, I have some COAEW stories, too, but I hate taking up valuable blog space on that waste of a human being. God I hate her. Wow. Two "Gods" in one paragraph. One would think I was religious. Hmmm...

I totally babble when confronted. And as dorky as it sounds, make a cheat sheet for yourself. Even if you never use it, you'll feel smarter.

bekah said...

Mark knows he'd never win the "animals don't belong in our bed" argument. Because I explain to him once: it's them and you or it's them, minus you, you decide.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

The CEX really makes me want to scream every time I read about her and her inability to see beyond the end of her own nose...! And there are 7 children under her care???? OY VEY!

I believe you are absolutely right about Tiny understanding English....lol! She is soooo damn smart, isn't she? I love your description of her being a very warm brick in the bed with you....! Maybe having a little dog like Tiny would solve a lot of heating bill problems for a lot of people....!

Thanks for your sweet words Chickie, and yes, what you said DOES make me feel better...lol!

themom said...

I put up with a "coaew" for many years. She may have been a twin to the one you deal with. The broken promises were high on the list of things that pissed me off. She couldn't deal with childhood diseases and we ended up nursing them thru all that. I truly sympathize.

Poor little puppy - he only wants your warm body to snuggle up against...c'mon sweetie - have a heart!

Chickie said...

SCANjolina - I kid you not, you were one of my blogging motivators! Your first blog was where I got the idea to name the boys in a sort of descriptive way instead of using their names or initials. I like how you blog :) (ahem, when you blog)

I'm pretty sure that our COAEWs are soul-sisters!

I am going to make a cheat sheet tonight. You're right about I'll feel better even if I don't use it. Maybe the act of writing things down will make it easier for me.

bekah - If I said that, I would be physically moved to the couch to sleep with my zoo. I wear the pants about a lot of things in the house but this is one that Sweety just won't give on.

Lady of the Hills - She has 4 of her own and he has 3 that are there at least every other weekend. BigBrother(13) asked me once if I wanted him to take one of the dogs over there because Sweety and I were going on a weekend trip and I had to bite my tongue to not say that I wouldn't trust my dog with his mother.

I think Tiny either understands me or else she's picking up my "please be quiet!" brain waves. We are two peas in a pod!

themom - This must be something that all COEWs share. It's one of the things that gives them that badge of honor.

I'm working on Sweety! I think I can wear him down within 2 years.

Patti said...

COAEW makes me twitch - and not in a good way. I can't like adults who continuously break promises to kids. So.not.cool.

Chickie said...

Patti - Some people just don't have any sense!