I have seen the light and it is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! I'd heard of it before but figured that something couldn't work as well as what was being said. My sister was extolling its virtues yesterday and I picked up a box. Holy crap, batman. I ran around and cleaned stuff that I'd never touched before just because it was so easy. My biggest accomplishment? Cleaning the wall where Stinky and Tiny sleep. There was what I thought was a permanent mark on the wall consisting of Basset hound juice and who knows what but it is now gone.

I've been trying to convert Sweety over to sleeping with earplugs in and he resisted my efforts for quite some time. Last night I pulled out a brand new package of them and told him that he had to sleep with them and he now agrees that sleeping with earplugs (especially if you have canines that want to slurp and snore) is the way to go. Good for you, Sweety! Sometimes it's okay to step outside of our comfort zone and insert things into our orifices.

We are leaving for our little 20-hour-one-way road trip in a bit. Sweety said this will make us or break us. When you are on a long car ride, can you lay the seat back and relax? It's hard for me to do because I'm afraid that as soon as I recline (and fix the seat so that the seatbelt won't hold me in), an 18-wheeler is going to slam into us from behind and I'll slide out of the seat and into the floor like a broken meat slinky.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Can you use Mr. Clean Eraser on Cloth stuff, too? Like uphllsetey? Or is it just for Hard Surfaces?

Ear Plugs Save Marriage: You should write the company and tell them about Sweety's Conversion...LOL!

Good luck on your rode trip Chickie....It sounds quite grueling.....Do be careful about that seat.....Your description of your fear of what could happened scared the hell out of me! (lol)
Drive safe, my dear.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

"A broken meat slinky". Bwaahhahhahahahhaaahaaa!!! Ahem.

Have a safe trip. It'll be fine as long as you both keep your senses of humor activated.

Sweety, I'm proud of you!

Patti said...

I like Mr Clean Magic Erasers too. They rock! LMAO at basset juice!
I'm so proud of Sweety

Y'all have a safe trip even if it's for a sad reason.

Bob Weber said...

So.... how is sitting up better when getting hit by the 18-wheeler? Do you turn into a meat pancake rather than a meat slinky? Is that better?

Rich | Championable said...

Will it get blood out of a work shirt? That's MY question.

And, um:

"Sometimes it's okay to step outside of our comfort zone and insert things into our orifices."

This is the kind of sentence which'll keep me coming back for years. YEARS I TELL YOU.

Anonymous said...

How do you wake up when the alarm clock rings if you have ear plugs in?

Have fun on your road trip. After 20-hours in the car with Sweety, I'm sure that you'll have some interesting stories to tell.

Mike said...

My wife and oldest daughter discovered the virtues of those Magic Eraser thingies some time ago and they went on cleaning sprees everywhere. It was tough because I used those stains for navigational purposes through the house. Without them I had to develop new landmarks.

Ginamonster said...

I haven't met an implement that scrubs the tub better.

The Phosgene Kid said...

You can filter lighter fluid through the eraser and come out with a pretty smooth vodka.

Chickie said...

Lady of the Hills - I think the Erasers can only be used on hard surfaces. I'd be afraid to use them on fabric.

I'm happy to report that Sweety is still using the ear plugs!

here today, gone tomorrow - The trip was long and I am so glad it is over!

Patti - You've had a Basset so I know that you know the juice that I'm talking about! I've never seen such a sweaty dog.

Bob Weber - I'm not afraid of dying, I'm afraid of hurting. I figure if I'm sitting upright that the force of the seatbelt across my chest will probably kill me right away. But if I slide into the floor, maybe my legs will take the brunt of the force and leave me screaming with a broken bottom half.

Rich Championable - You could tape part of the eraser onto your body to keep the blood from getting to your shirt. It might sting but I bet it would be effective.

Midwestern City Boy - The ear plugs don't totally block out all sound but muffle the small ones enough that you can go to sleep. And my alarm is kept close to my head.

Mike - You know, since I've wiped off the walls I notice that Tiny Dog seems disoriented. This may be the reason!

Ginamonster - I haven't used it yet on the tub but find myself strangely excited thinking about it.

The Phosgene Kid - Oh my. Would you like a gift certificate to the liquor store?

Mybrid said...

Sounds like Mr. Clean Eraser is highly recommended, but I can't get the link to work, so I know what to purchase. :-(

Hope you had a fantastic vacation!