Holy Hell, People.

Sweety and I were into hour 4 of lounging lazily around the house when his cell phone rang. It was the exwife. Letting him know that her five year old had been involved in a 4-wheeler accident and that if he wants LittleBrother(11) to play baseball tonight that he can pick him up from the emergency room.

Let me first say that I hope the kid is okay. Apparently, the 4-wheeler flipped over and he's been opened up from his elbow to his shoulder the tire that was still spinning spun out on his leg. No stitches were needed.

Secondly let me say - why, oh why, do you let a kid that small get on such a vehicle? And let it go fast enough that it can totally turn turtle?

The boys have been warned that if they are injured at their mother's house and it requires an emergency room visit and if they live that they will have to pay the insurance copay amount. So far, so good.

Sweety is on his way to get LB and I've gotten up and put some clothes on and am having a bit of wine. It will help keep me from asking LB any inappropriate questions (Like, was he at least wearing a helmet? Were you riding today too?) and it makes me feel calmer about having to put pants on.

Oh! The shirt that I got for contributing to Obama's campaign came in today! Sweety's eyes rolled back in his head and he had a small seizure when he saw it. I had to put it on immediately.

Maybe I should go drink another 302.


Joey Polanski said...

If Sweety had a small seizure bcause o th Obama shirt, yer peeps back in Oklahomr must be catatonick.

Mike said...

My wife's sister flipped a 4 wheeler with my daughter on it when my daughter was 10 or so. Fortunately no one got hurt. I went ballistic when I heard about the whole thing. Fortunately for my wife and all involved, I was in New Jersey when it happened and they were all in Michigan. Those things are a load of fun, but not necessarily for kids.

Kat said...

What kind of idiot lets a 5 year old ride one of those?!

A dear blogging friend of mine lost her 10 year old daughter to an ATV accident.
She hit a rock, it jerked her forward where she smashed the front of her head on the handlebars, then jerked her back slamming and crushing the back of her head on to back of it.
She lived long enough for her parents to get to her in the field and say she loved them. That was it.

I will never let my kids ride one of those even though they are teens now.
It scares me too much.

Jeni Angel said...

You got a shirt?!!? Son of a bitch! I guess I need to send in more damn $$$

I am totally jealous.

themom said...

Even turning the governor way down on these damn things dos not hide the fact that these little kids are far out-weighed by this poiece of machinery. I am so against little kids on them - just let me scream at that witch for a little while. Idiot supreme! Hope LB is well though, that's the important thing.

themom said...

i swear my fingers have a mind of their own - forgive above typos.

Chickie said...

Joey Polanski - Oh yes. My Mom had a cow when we were discussing politics the other day. She said that one of her friends is praying that he won't get into office.

Mike - The boys can't walk in a straight line without falling over their own damn feet. The last place they need to be is on one of those. And the kicker? The kid didn't have any shoes on and was wearing a fucking bicycle helmet. Not a damn motorcycle helmet.

Kat - I just don't see the need for them. There are many other things that kids can do for fun. But if you're going to let your kid ride one then it at least needs to be heavily (and properly) supervised. And that's still no guarantee for safety. Agh.

Jeni Angel - I donated right before they hit the million donor mark and this was what you got for doing so at that time.

themom - Let me clarify - LittleBrother wasn't riding on it. It was his 5 year old half-brother (his mom's kid) and his 2nd or 3rd grade stepbrother was driving. I can't even speak to the stunned cunt. She started to ask me something at the baseball game later that day but I guess she got my "get away from me" vibe and went and spoke to Sweety instead.

re: typos - As long as I can understand you! :)

Regal said...

I hope the little kid is okay. I used to ride a ATV (4-wheeler) and they can be dangerous, especially for KIDS. You don't have to be going fast for them to tip over. I tipped in the snow one time and it landed on me (I wasn't hurt - I was barely moving) but I wedged in the snow with it on top of me and couldn't move and my sister, husband and brother-in-law couldn't hear me calling them so I was pretty much in that position for 20 minutes. Oh, except for their lab licking my face the whole time.

heather said...


yea we know someone who's family lost a child on an ATV...

we love them. i mean love LOVE them.... but we also are so overly safe about our gear we sometimes fear we are over padding ourselves. lol

the no shoes thing is the kicker though... .. wow.

i bow down to you oh one of great restraint!!!

Patti said...

Well, it's not like we didn't already know COAEW is an absolute TARD! I hope the child is okay though. Poor thing.

Chickie said...

Regal - He'll be okay. He gets to miss school this week and the boys are jealous of that!

I have never been on one. I'm too chicken.

heather - Yes, dear. A bicycle helmet. I almost fainted when I heard that. The boys have been instructed to NEVER get on it over there if the only gear they have is bicycle helmets.

Patti - Really, her stupidity astonishes me.