Happy Tuesday!

The tree in our backyard that our neighbor didn't want us to cut finally fell down. Of course, it landed right on our fence. Luckily, it didn't hurt the fence at all because Sweety and our other neighbor built it very well. Sweety just cut it off of our fence and let it lay where it fell. I'm sure the mess it something that our incredibly anal neighbor enjoys looking at. (insert evil grin here) He is the neighbor that at Christmastime, turns all of the tiny lights on his house so they point in the same direction. It usually takes him several hours.

If you don't collect them, please send me your Pepsi points!Do you drink Pepsi products? Do you notice the little codes inside of the caps? If you don't collect them, would you pretty, pretty please, email them to me? Or leave them in the comments to whatever post is the most recent? You can just click on that nifty little picture and a handy email form will pop up for you. We are collecting them so BigBrother(13) can get free mp3s for his music player. I am also digging through trash cans at work to get them too and am drinking Diet Pepsi instead of Coke Zero to get them. I will be sticking that button up on the top of my sidebar til they end this promotion or until he can't think of any more songs that he wants.

I need to be off this Sunday so I'm working tomorrow. I hate deviating from my schedule but the person I traded with works an 8 hour shift and I'm used to 10, so that will be a nice break. Oh! It's been a smidge slow at work so they let us take unpaid time off! I get off 3 hours early this Thursday and am off all day next Thursday! (Well, I have 4 hours of training scheduled next Thursday and will go in for that if it can't be rescheduled. I'm fairly certain it will be rescheduled though.) When I worked overnights, we used to get to come home early fairly often but this is the first time I've gotten to do something like this since working days.

Did you all do anything exciting for Mother's Day? I had to work and the boys weren't here so we didn't really do anything. On Saturday, we went on a field trip with LittleBrother(11) to Islands of Adventure. After baking in the sun all day, we came home and cleaned up and went to get something to eat. Our sunstroked minds decided that we needed a Playstation 3 and we got one that night. Sweety said it's our Mother's Day/Father's Day/Birthdays present.

Internet, let me share with you what horrible parents we are...

We haven't told the boys that we have the game and aren't planning on doing so. It's in our bedroom (The main reason we got it is because it plays blu-ray discs.) and the games we bought are rated for adults so they can't play them anyway. But rather than tell them "no" and listen to the everfuckinglasting whining (I kid you not, LB11 can hit a note with his voice that makes you want to die. Really.) that would come with it, we're just keeping the game console tucked in a drawer when the boys are around.

Someone was telling me a couple of weeks ago that she hides candy from her kids but they find it and eat it anyway. She asked me, "What can you do? Kids are kids and will do what they want." In my head I was thinking, "Um, I dunno? Tell them no and have them mind you?" and here I am, hiding a video game to avoid parenting.


Monogram Queen said...

Honey there are no rules to parenting. I will lie to my kid in a heartbeat if it suits my agenda! Glad you had a Happy Mothers Day!

Chickie said...

Monogram Queen - Even though there are no rules, I'm fighting a twinge of guilt over hiding it.

But part of me is like - dammit, they have all kinds of shit to play with! This is mine.

Pusher Robot said...

is it possible you may be hiding other things too? after all, adult toys are adult toys!




Chickie said...

Pusher Robot - Oh yes, I do hide other things. But I think if they were to snoop around and find them that they'd be horrified and not want at all to play with them. :)

Thank you for the codes!!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It seems to me you are doing the right thing at this point! Better that they don't know since they can't use it anyway....Of course, that is easy for me to say. First of all, I don't even know what a Playstation is....lol....But just the fact that you said you bought some stuff they cannot look at anyway....! Well, I don't think it's bad parenting....But then what do I know? (lol)

Sorry I don't drink any Pepsi...If I did I'd be happy to send those tops to you!
Good Luck on that!

Mike said...

My wife was a candy hider when the kids were little. I never fully understood that. I mean if you don't want the kids to have candy, don't buy it, or tell them no they can't have it.

I only want a PS3 for one reason--Grand Theft Auto IV. Beyond that, I would have no use for one.

Sorry, I don't drink Pepsi products.

Regal said...

I hope you had a nice Mom's Day too. Thank you for being a good long distance buddy. :)

Amy said...

I hide the leftover Easter and Christmas candy. Meh. They are kids they don't need the extra sugar, plus my kids get enough of that shit anyway.

Hope you had a nice Mother's Day!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Pepsi, blech. I wonder how they get the syphilitic weasel to piss in the bottles??

What happened to the good old days where you whipped the kids before bed whether they needed it or not???

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Het Chickie...If you get a chance, pop by...I have some pictures of a darling little dog that walks here every day.....I thpugh of you the first time I saw him....The young lady and her husband have two little ones...The other one is 13 years old and wasn't with her today because another dog bit her and she had to have stitches! Anyway....His name is Dinn, and he is very cute!

rebturtle said...

You're absolutely a horrible parent. You should be sitting those kids in front of that game as often as possible in order to pacify them and prevent them from gaining exercise, life experiences, and interaction with other humans. If you make them too independent then they won't want to live with you forever (in Florida) which is the goal, right? :)

You might want to pick up a golfing game or something equally boring to leave loaded in it in the off chance they do find it. Better they think you're lame then to think you're kinky and scar them for life.

I'm fresh out of Pepsi stuff. Safeway was running Coke on sale. I'll keep you in mind, though. I have to get my Mt. Dew fixes at least weekly or I start twitching.

Thomas said...

Who said you are being a bad parent?
Do the boys get to drive your car? NO THEY ARE TOO YOUNG.

The PS3 is YOURS (and sweetie's) and they don't need to worry about it. It is an adult toy.

Would you tell them about any other adult toys you keep in the drawer?

I thought not.

Enjoy the PS3


The Phosgene Kid said...


Mybrid said...

I drink only Fanta (coke product). Sorry. :(

Scott English said...

Thank goodness the tree-saga has concluded with no heart wrenching, wallet(purse) devastating consequences!

I have to ask though, with the neighbor with an anus the size of Texas, are you referring to those little lights on the string that you put along the outside of your house? Are you serious? Surely you can't be serious! No one could be that anal - we'd all be sucked into their black hole!

No Pepsi for me I am afraid. I'm a Coke guy. That's how I roll. *eyeroll*

I had a good Mom's Day - I have some pictures if you want to go check them out. Mind you on Saturday I moved about 15 wheelbarrow loads of flagstone, and the back pain the next day was "interesting". But we had fun, food, alcohol, presents and karaoke!

What are the games that are adult rated for the PS3? Maybe I need to look into obtaining one ;)

You kids will find WHATEVER you hide from them. YES, even THAT.

Chickie said...

Lady of the Hills - The Playstation is a video game. The kids have the one that came out before this one, the Playstation 2 and it will do for them for now.

I'll be checking out the dog!

Mike - We got GTA4 but I haven't played it yet. I got the guidebook and am going to sit down on my day off and find some hookers.

Regal - You're welcome!

Amy - I've never been a candy hider but the kids have never really gorged on it. They hide their Easter and Christmas candy in the closet and I end up tossing it out after a few weeks.

The Phosgene Kid - Syphilitic weasel? Ew. Just when I had myself convinced that diet Pepsi was okay, you come along...

rebturtle - We did get a golfing game and that is how the boys found out we had the PS3. It came in the mail yesterday and I forgot to hide it before they got here this morning. The cat is out of the bag but I told them it was our (mine and Sweety's) game and that they had their own. Surprisingly, no whining to play has happened. Yet.

Please keep me in mind if you get and Pepsi codes! :) I can't handle Mt. Dew. It is just too much for me. It makes me dizzy.

Thomas - Thank you for the affirmation. I'm an adult! Hear me roar! See me steal cars and buy hookers!

The Phosgene Kid - Finally.

Mybrid - I should have posted a call out for Coke rewards points back when we were collecting them!

Scott English - Yes, those little string lights. I just remembered that last year, he switched to those lights that are cased in clear plastic so he didn't spend hours straightening the lights. But the prior 6 seasons (since I've been here), we would hide in the kitchen in the dark and watch him go around his entire house. It took him hours.

I used to be a Coke person but since I'm drinking diet now, it doesn't matter so much to me. I do love real Coke in a can!

You can't go wrong with alcohol and karaoke!

We got Call of Duty 4 and Grand Theft Auto 4. Nice time wasters.

Ginamonster said...

Sorry, Chickie, I collect Coke points. But if I happen to consume a pepsi product, the points are all yours!

one of the things I worry about when I think about maybe having kids is that I might have to share my toys with them.

Chickie said...

Ginamonster - The toy sharing part is sucky.

Scott English said...

I do like CoD4.

How is GTA4?