I'm A Mommy Blogger

Indulge me.

Here is LittleBrother(11) after he graduated from the 5th grade today. Looking at this photo makes me see how big he's getting. I can't believe it. I remember when he was 4 and wanted to play Power Rangers with me all of the time. (I was Pink Ranger and he was Red Ranger.)


He got an award for his math abilities. He's a whiz when it comes to math. He can do some of BigBrother(13)'s math work already. I was quite proud of him today. Damn, I love that kid. LB gets lost in the shuffle at his mother's house and I try to give him extra attention when it's just me and him.

When he goes to the grocery store with me, he insists on pushing the cart even though it is carrying my purse and he always opens up my car door for me when we all go out together. He also shares my love of the card game Rummy and is always ready for a match. He can be a little turkey at times but overall, he is a fine egg.

Let me tell you something and you tell me if I'm being a snob or stuck up or bitchy or whatever, okay?

LB's graduation started at 8:15 this morning. I changed my work schedule so I could be there and Sweety and I got there about 10 minutes early. 15 minutes into the thing, the coaEW shows up.

The auditorium was packed. Wall to wall packed. And what does she barrel in with? Her 3 year old in a stroller. There was no room for a stroller. And she was wearing her gym clothes. After the graduation, there was a reception in LB's classroom. She shoved her stroller all the way over to the class (which was packed too) and stayed for a total of 98 seconds. She came over and asked Sweety if he was staying and when he said yes she said she was leaving. I dunno, maybe she had to go to the gym?

I just thought it was kind of disrespectful to LB that she wasn't dressed up and that she showed up late and left early. I think on an important day to your kid, like a graduation, that you should at least not wear your track suit. It was like his graduation was a pit stop on her way to work out.

I'm not trying to be snobby. But I know that she has "dress up" clothes. Or at least jeans or khakis. And it really chapped my ass that she left early. She totally missed the sweet little speech that LB's teacher gave about what a good kid he is. I recorded it. I told Sweety that he could send it to her if he titled it "What was so damned important that you had to miss this?"

Okay. I'm done bitching about the coaEW for awhile. Now that the school year is over and baseball season is done, I won't have much call to see her mug.


Monogram Queen said...

NOTHING wrong with being a Mommy blogger (I happen to be one so you're in good company)
Dang i'll say it again you are a GREAT step-Mom. Those boys are so lucky to have you. Especially LB in that you recognize he gets lost in the shuffle and try to give him a little something extra. I guarantee that kid will never forget that. Y'all are the sweetest fam ever!
As for COAEW, NO you are not being snobby at all. She was totally totally inappropriate for the occasion. Stupid hag.

Chickie said...

Monogram Queen - I know that I'm super judgmental of the coaew and I thought maybe I was being too picky. You could just tell by looking at her that she didn't give a shit.

I don't think of you as Mommy Blogger because you talk about other stuff. I was looking at my last week and it's been kids and dogs and more kids!

The Phosgene Kid said...

congrats to LB. I don't think it is much to expect his mother to dress nice and give her son the attention he deserved. She sounds really self-absorbed.

Anonymous said...

Try to forget about her for awhile and enjoy your summer. She's never going to change anyway.

Rich | Championable said...

Showing up like you did shows THEM how to show up, you know? Rock on.

moooooog35 said...

Can I give this kid a call? I have a bitch of a time figuring out how much to tip my waitresses. Is he SO good that if I say, "..the food came out cold...she didn't refill my glass.." that he can just - you know - BANG!! recalculate the tip amount right there?

Thanks in advance.

bekah said...

There's a reason you lovingly call her the *C*oaew

She's a major, major C.

Regal said...

No - you're right....what was so damn important? I could deal with her not dressing up as long as she showed up, on time, looked interested, and stayed throughout!

AmyD said...

You are certainly no snob. Anytime I showed up for anything at the kids school (ok, minus when I worked in the kindergarten classroom because who needs paint on good clothes!) I always dressed up and stayed for the whole damn thing.

You are a good mom!!!!

And look how happy that kid looks! Good for you!

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Congrats to LB.

It breaks my heart to read about his mother. Midwestern City Boy is right; she'll never change. So sad, because she's missing out, too. I'm just so relieved that LB has you in his life to give him the love and attention he needs.

Mike said...

Congrats to LB. Not sure what to say about CoaEW. Seems like the least she could have done is to dress up a little and be on time.

Of course in addition to being a C, she's also an EW and there is probably a good reason for that.

themom said...

I did the step-mom thing for so many years (they are 39 and 37 now), but you are right the COAEW should know better. Apparently tact is not in her favor. when the now 39 year old was 9 - he had an emergency appendectomy, his mom left the hospital and didn't return till 8 hours AFTER he was OUT of surgery. I feel ya!

Chickie said...

The Phosgene Kid - I think she's oblivious to the fact that he deserves attention.

Midwestern City Boy - I will do some forgetting this summer. You're right, she's never going to change. But just when I think that she can't surprise us with something, she does.

Rich Championable - True, true!

moooooog35 - If you are serious about this, I'll send you my PayPal address and I'll put him on a retainer for you.

bekah - The queen of the c's.

Regal - I could have handled the way she was dressed if she would have done those things too. It was just icing on the cake.

Amy - LB was so pleased on that day! He got sick of all of my picture-taking.

here today, gone tomorrow - One of the reasons she left early, is that she can't control her 3 y.o. and she was getting fuzzy. It bugs me that she will get a sitter to drive out to her house in the middle of nowhere on a Saturday night but can't find one for a couple of hours for something like this?

Mike - Of course in addition to being a C, she's also an EW and there is probably a good reason for that. Most definitely. I am thankful that she was greedy and Sweety ended up as the primary guardian for the boys or I can only imagine how worse this would be.

themom - Oh, wow. Your ew must be related to mine.