You know, sometimes I don't want to tell things here that make me look bad but I'd feel guilty if I didn't.

Guess whose family forgot that today was the day for the end of the season ceremony for their youngest son's Little League Baseball team?

*see me waving my hand wildly* (Isn't it odd that I bitched about the coaEW's lack of attention in the last post? Color me a nice shade of hypocrite.)

Um, yeah. The boys got dropped off this morning around 8:30ish and at around 9:30 Sweety says, "Hey! Do you know what time the baseball ceremony is?" And I remember that today is May 31st and it started at 9:00. Sweety felt so bad that he was almost in tears. I felt so bad that I didn't eat breakfast because I felt pukey. LittleBrother(11) was so happy that he didn't have to go that he danced a jig.

We have never, ever forgotten something like that! We just totally spaced out. As soon as LB realized that we missed it, the glee on his face was like the sun. He got pretty tired of baseball about mid-season and it's been like pulling teeth to get him to partake in the games without acting pissy.

I'm going to quit thinking about it because it's making my stomach hurt again.

Here. Look at my monkey, Roger.

This is how I like him to sit in my backseat. Nice and polite.

Naughty Roger
Sweety likes to make it look like he's masturbating. This embarrasses Roger.

Not only does Ginamonster make some kick ass soap -(Bubbly Creations! Big, good-smelling, lather-you-up-great bars!) she also has the occasional sock monkey up for adoption. He even has a tiny bellybutton!


rebturtle said...

Is that the monkey from Shawshank Redemption, or O Brother Where Art Thou?

He's not embarrassed, he's hiding from the law! :)

here today, gone tomorrow said...

You and Sweety need to cut yourselves some slack. You both seem to be very conscientious about the boys' activities. Now go take a bubble bath and forget all about it.

Mike said...

Boy, if I had a nickel for every event I forgot or just plain blew off, I'd have about a dollar. Don't beat yourself up. It happens.

That sock puppet is pretty well hung.

I'm jealous.

Monogram Queen said...

Honey the difference is you CARE. I think it's hilarious (and a good thing) that LB didn't care. I would have felt bad had he been upset but he wasn't so...c'est la vie.
I went to her site and no sock monkeys. I love sock monkeys. I REALLY love your monkey! What a good traveling pal!

Ginamonster said...

Don't worry Chickie, he's not the first of the monkey brood to be caught masterbating. For the record, I didn't teach them that. I think it's inherent in Monkeys.

MQ-I make them when the desire hits. That's why there aren't any at the moment. I like to keep it that way because I LOVE to make them and I don't want that to change. :)

AmyD said...

I have something sort of like Roger... if I post a picture I will dedicate the post to you and you better come by and comment or I will look waaaaay stupid.

(hahahaha, too many margaritas tonight)

Why don't you take forgetting about the ceremony and LB's subsequent glee as a good thing? You made the kid happy! :)

And, uh, trust me, that can be tough to do.

Anonymous said...

A monkey spanking his monkey. Weird, but I guess everybody does it.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh Sock Monkey is adorable---Both pictures of him! I LOVE Sweety trying to make him look like he is diddling himself...lol!

I'm thinking you made LB so very Happy...you should not beat yourself up over this---In the End, it sounds like it really turned out to be wonderful that you both forgot! Funny, how things work out sometimes.....!

Sara Sue said...

I like to call events like that "WAH". Doesn't really mean anything, it just gives me a word to write things off with. LB doesn't seem any worse for wear and we get to see that adorable, self-pleasuring monkey!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Real nice, pay more attention to a chronically masturbating sock monkey then the kid. He'll probably be crushed, give up baseball, move to San Francisco and open a boutique with his new friend Bruce. Just kidding!!

Shover Robot said...

What a cute monkey! He might as well use his time wisely :)

moooooog35 said...

So...it's GOT to be a monkey thing.

Took my kids to the zoo yesterday.

Saw a giant baboon banging away at a little baboon...

...then saw a spider monkey with a 6-inch monkey-erection chomping on his own banana.

My wife was, like, "Don't you wish you could do that?"

Me: "Christ. I'd never leave the house."

Pusher Robot said...

There is a huge difference between forgetting and event every once in a blue moon and intentionally not going ...especially if it interferes with your trip to the gym!
Don't beat yourself up over that ... leave that to the monkey's!

Pusher Robot said...

D*mn! Apostrophe fail!

Regal said...

it doesn't make you bad parents. sometimes shit happens. I don't usually forget stuff either, but oops, as they get older, you tend to forget sometimes.

Joey Polanski said...

Frget th sock monky.

Where can I get a GinaMonstr?

themom said...

It is not like you forget the kids events on a regular basis...you have done quite well weedhopper!!! Don't pet the sweaty stuff...you should be proud of the positive things you have accomplished for the boys and Sweety! NICE MONKEY!!

Chickie said...

rebturtle - Hmm, maybe Roger isn't as innocent at I'd thought! I'll have him duck his head when we pass the police.

here today, gone tomorrow - Since LB wasn't upset, I feel better about it.

Mike - A dollar? I had to do some division to figure out how many times that would be! Oh yeah, the monkey makes the ladies swoon. Don't be jealous - it doubles as his tail.

Monogram Queen - Now I don't feel so bad that LB missed it - I feel embarrassed that Sweety (aka the assistant coach) missed it! I have caught myself talking to the monkey. This can't be healthy.

Ginamonster - Not for a moment did I think you'd taught him such behavior. It happened to occur moments after Sweety was in my car for something. I know how Sweety's mind works. It probably only took a small suggestion to get Roger busy.

AmyD - Please, share your cuddly friend (or whatever it is!). I will comment profusely!

Not easy making them happy? That is no lie.

mace - But do they have to do it in my backseat? It was alarming to glance back there and see that.

Lady of the Hills - Sock Monkey is having a lot of fun here. He went to work with me yesterday!

I figure if in almost 7 years this is the only event we've blown off - then we're doing okay! LB is holding no grudge at all either!

Sara Sue - Yes, this is a good WAH event!

The Phosgene Kid - I'd be okay with that scenario. It would give me an excuse to go to San Francisco!

Shover Robot - It probably does get lonely for him back there. I shouldn't begrudge him his fun.

moooooog35 - But wouldn't that be kind of like trying to tickle yourself? You can't do that, right?

Pusher Robot - Heh, okay. I'll leave it to the monkey!

Regal - They have so much stuff going on at the end of the year that it gets confusing!

Joey Polanski - GinaMonstrs are very rare. I think they hang out at roller skating rinks and wear fishnet tights.

themom - We'll just make it a point to put everything on the calendar in the future. I didn't this time because I expected Sweety to remember. But he was too busy influencing my monkey!