I'm Tired.

Here we have the family after BigBrother(13) snagged a "Sensational Student" award today.

My Peeps

And here they all are just a few short hours later. Sweety decided to let the boys play with the PlayStation3 because he likes competition when he's pretending to be Tiger Woods.

Rotting their brains.

The flash lit the room up in the picture but they are sitting there in the dark like a bunch of naked mole rats. Is it just me, or do naked mole rats look like penises with teeth to you too?

I did some legally stuff that I had not been looking forward to yesterday. Hopefully, I won't have to fool with it too much longer. Xanax got a big workout in my life yesterday. I had been eating them like candy up until then (actually, as prescribed but more than I prefer to eat) and am happy to report that I haven't needed one today and have been able to breathe just fine on my own without thinking scary thoughts and trying to smothercate myself. I slept til one today because I was still grogged out from yesterday.

My fantastic niece will be here on June 6th! I can't wait! I'd planned on taking her to the beach but then I heard about the lady that got hit in the head by a pelican and the kid that got bit by a shark in 18 inches of water and have changed my mind. I could handle a tiny shark bite but being stabbed in the head by a pelican's beak? How the hell would I call my sister and tell her that I was sending my niece back with only one eye? Or that she'd been stabbed in the brain by a crazed pelican? People, this is the shit that I worry about.

My sister said my niece wasn't too interested in going to the beach anyway. She's been telling everyone that she comes into contact with, "My Aunt Anna has a pool. And she will let me swim in it every day when I see her!". I'm glad. We can handle the pool. The nice thing is that after about 3 or 4 o'clock, the sun is behind the house and the pool is shaded so you can be out there and not fry. We may go to the beach and kick around in the sand but that will be it.

I'm thinking that I will teach Tiny Dog how to swim to the shallow end of the pool and get out using the steps this summer. She's never fallen into the pool but when we've put her in there, she swims to the edge that she's facing and waits for help. I'm going to teach her which way to go to get out. Who the fuck am I kidding? That damn dog won't come when I call her name. What are the odds that she can be taught which end of the pool is the safe end?


Pusher Robot said...

Congrats to BB on the award!

It seems like it couldn't hurt to TRY to teach Tiny Dog which end of the pool is out! You never know!

Mike said...

Congratulations to BB for his award. He looks pretty happy in the picture.

I agree with Pusher. You pretty much have to try to get TD to swim to the shallow end. If it were Carmen, I would only have to put slices of cheese near the shallow end and she'd find her way out every time.

Amy said...

Oh, mah gawd! Do you have some cute men in your life or what?

You know what Tiny's problem is? She totally has you wrapped and she knows it. I was going to suggest a shock collar or something but if you stuck her in the pool like that...

Yeah, that was a bad idea. My bad.

It's ok, though. Liza has me wrapped and she's a cat which might make her a tad more manipulative than your cutie pie dog. I swear that is the only chihuahua that I have just wanted to pick right up through the monitor and squeeze the dickens out of.

Not that Chi Chi wasn't cute... but she looked like she might break if you squeezed her.

Jeni Angel said...

Oh my god, those boys all look EXACTLY the same!

I am surprised.

Or not.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Congratulations to BB!

Your menfolk are so cute!

rebturtle said...

Congrats on the award. If you frame it, you may be able to set it out (and hide bath products behind it).

I'm certain that all the local pelicans are aware of you and know that you would feed them Alka Seltzers and then smothercate them. It is thoughts like these that make birds crap mid-flight - My truck and my hair thank you.

Really, is the shallow end any safer for Tiny Dog? It's still at least three times his height deep. Perhaps you could leash him to the railing at the stairs and let him soak his feet on the top step..... :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Need to get tiny dog some floaties.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to BB.

Maybe you should get a "skamper ramp" ramp and teach Tiny how to use it. Or one of those motion/wave alarms that makes a very loud very annoying noise if something falls in.

Sara Sue said...

Wow! I can't believe how grown up the boys look! Tell BB congrats on his award!

I'm all for trying to teach Tiny the way out ... you have to try, right?

Any news on Chi-Chi's coming home?

bekah said...

If my mom's dumb ass Pomeranian could learn which end of the pool had the stairs for him to stand on I'm sure Tiny can learn, too.

Regal said...

I didn't know anyone else knew what Naked Mole Rats were. They have them at the Zoo in Providence, R.I. and YES they looked like a penis with teeth. Yikes!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...Your description of Moles is Hilarious and Sooo True!

I bet you WILL be able to teach Tiny about the steps. She is one smart little doggie...She may not let you know that SHE knows....! But, I have great faith in her ability to learn that.

Oh, and is this the Play Station thingy that you and Sweety were hiding from the boys? Or am I confusing that with this??? (lol)

Chickie dear, thanks Soooo much for your kind caring words about the loss of my friend. I appreciate it more than I can say....It really touched me very deeply, my dear...So I thank You with all my heart for ubderstanding.

Chickie said...

Pusher Robot - I'm going to try. Just in case she ever plops in, maybe she'll have a chance.

Mike - We tried to get Tiny to swim to food when we were training for the Chihuahua race but she was too panicked to see the food. That's a good idea though. Maybe we should try with something tastier than a regular dog treat.

Amy - They are cuties!

I've thought about putting a shock collar on her and just shocking the shit out of her if she goes near the pool but she doesn't weigh enough for a shock collar.

Chi Chi looked like she might break, but she really might chew you up with her one tooth.

Jeni Angel - And you know what's even better? They all have the same kind of attitude. (someone send help!)

here today, gone tomorrow - Thank you!

rebturtle - I am always needing places to hide bath products!

Birds crap mid-flight no matter what they know. They're just mean that way.

The pool isn't safe at all for Tiny. She's never fallen in but after Chi Chi giving up the ghost in there, it worries me that she will fall in. We don't have a railing - just steps out of the pool. We actually had the top step set higher up than the pool company normally does just so Tiny can stand on the top step and get out of the pool. I have just been lax in teaching her this.

The Phosgene Kid - I have been looking at life vests.

Midwestern City Boy - I've never heard of those alarms! I'll look into that if teaching her how to use the step isn't productive. See my comment to rebturtle - we built the pool steps with Tiny in mind!

Sara Sue - They are growing like weeds. BB is as tall as me. He measures daily to see if he's taller than me. Not yet.

Chi Chi should be here in 8-10 weeks. I will keep you posted!

bekah - How did you teach him? With food or just pointing him and shoving him the right direction?

Regal - I love the naked mole rats. They are so creepy.

Lady of the Hills - Tiny is smart. She's just learned that I will do everything for her. I will have to impress upon her that these lessons may save her life!

Yes, this is the game that we were hiding from the boys. They were thrilled to get to play it!

You're welcome. I can't imagine what you're going through :(

Monogram Queen said...

That is some good lookin' boys you got there ma'am!
I say try and teach Tiny Dog how to swim... it's worth a try. Stinky is doomed. Bassets have the densest bone structure of any breed and i've known several that have drowned so please please keep her away from the pool!

Chickie said...

Monogram Queen - Stinky has fallen in twice and she keeps a wide walk around it now. I put her in there with me once and she looked like a seahorse. She was dog paddling but her bottom legs were pointed straight down and just her front feet and head and neck were out of the water.

She's a crybaby and doesn't like to be outside unless I'm with her so she's rarely alone out there.