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I think that working not regular schedules for the past 6.5 years contributed to my feeling like shit all of the damn time. Now that I'm on a kind of normal one, I eat lunch at a "normal" time and when I get up, I go right to work after getting the boys up instead of going back to bed for 30 minutes. Since starting the new hours last week or so, I've lost 4 pounds! And the two weeks before that, I lost 10 just by not eating every waking moment. For the first time in my life, I'm trying to eat right on my own and not take pills or flat out starve and it seems to be working. It won't be the instant gratification that I like, but it will be good!

I'm really proud of LittleBrother(11). He had a baseball game last night (He made the All Star team! Woot!) and they lost 16 to 0. He played really well though. Made four outs and got on base. I was afraid that he'd be really pissy after the game but he wasn't. He was okay with the loss because he knew that he'd played well. The team that they played was all 13 year olds (except for one 11 y.o.) and our team is 11 & 12 so they basically walked all over us.

The lovely exwife did not appear at the game. She'd made a big deal the day before to Sweety, saying that she wanted to see LB practice the night before the game and she ended up dropping them off at our house before practice and she didn't go. I almost missed the game because of work but they had to move the game to another field because it was raining and I was able to get to the new field before the game started. LB was really happy to see me there and rode with me when we left. He has another game tonight and as much as I dislike laying eyes on her, I hope she shows up. Not holding my breath though.

BigBrother(13) has been wanting a Sims 2 game and he finally got one a couple of days ago. LittleBrother is a Webkinz fan and spends his spare time on the desktop playing that so I put the Sims on my laptop. While I was at work yesterday, BB played it til his eyes bled. Either I'm going to have to put the Sims on the desktop and make out a schedule for the boys to have specific times on the computer or I'm going to get another laptop. (Helloooo, MacBook!) Probably go the sharing desktop route. As much as I'd love a new puter.

We went to my sister's house last weekend and had a large time. My brother-in-law is retiring from the Army soon and threw a bbq for his friends. The kids stayed at the bbq long enough to eat and when they got bored, we took them all (the boys & niece) back to the house (just a few blocks away) to play video games and we went back to the party. The next morning we had leftovers for breakfast - meat and cake. It was good. The boys were having fun playing with Sylvie and didn't want to come home. I'm glad that they are comfortable with my family. We're going back in a couple of weekends and then my sister's family will be moving back to Oklahoma at then end of the month. I am so going to miss having them close.

Good grief. Being happy has made me boring as hell. I'll work on that. Maybe.


themom said...

Not boring at all. Life seems to be treating you so much better (with the new schedule and all). So glad LB was happy with his game - and be proud of yourself as the good "step" that you are - it will be remembered - trust me!

AmyD said...

I am envious of your weight loss. :P

Man, boring or not, that all sounds pretty good.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I wasn't bored for one second, Chickie..! I think it is fascinating that you are losing weight because of this new schedule! That is GREAT!

The more I read about The EX, the more I want to punch her in the stomach! She is such a selfish-self centered bitch...! Good God! Those boys are lucky to have you and your family....!

Michael said...

Congrats on the whole regular schedule/weight loss thing. I've been sitting behind a desk for 3 yrs now and I've gained about 20 pounds. SHIT!

So are you a mac person or would that be a first for you? My Friggin Genius Son got a Macbook for graduation and he loves it.

Congrats to LB for making the All-Stars!!


SagaciousHillbilly said...

I'd love a new MacBook but I can't talk my wife into getting herself a new one so I can have her old one.
My almost 8 yr old MacG4 works fine though. It still seems like new.

Monogram Queen said...

I'm jealous about the weight- loss I am stuffing animal crackers in my piehole in between comments.