Home Again

Vacation ended this past Sunday. I hated going back to work on Monday but was glad to get home and see Sweety.

While I was gone I didn't blog much but did twitter. Sweety kept up with me through the twitters and managed to really misunderstand some things. When he logged onto our house computer, I was logged onto twitter and it showed not only my twitters but the ones for everyone that I was following.

Amy had a tweet that was a photo of her son raising his eyebrow and I replied to it with something like "He's doing his eyebrow like The Rock but I bet he doesn't shave his body hair." Right under that, Sweety saw a tweet from Bekah "Some guy at the bar wants to buy our drinks. Anna says no but I say yes."

Two totally unrelated sentences but Sweety read them and thought I was flirting with some guy at the bar and he was giving me the eyebrow. He actually read these things the night after they had been posted but thought it was happening right then and sent me a wonderfully snide little text message.

Isn't technology great?

The wildest thing we did was jumped on the beds. I fell back and whacked my head on the headboard once. I'm just not as agile as I used to be.

I finished up some legal shit yesterday. Yay! There will be no trial (thank goodness. the idea of that made me want to vomit until i died.) and I have just enough money now to get a new washer and dryer. I know that Sweety thinks I should have pressed the issue some more but I just wanted it to be over.

A friend from work is moving and last night we met up at a restaurant and drank ourselves silly. Today I feel like I've been shot at and missed but shit at and hit.

I must get moving. Taking the sprogs to the movies.


AmyD said...

Oh shit! I'm sorry I got you into trouble!!!!

I did think it was a cute pic though. LOL

Chickie said...

It's okay. It was great fun explaining to Sweety exactly what it was that he saw!

themom said...


Monogram Queen said...

Glad you & Sweety got things straightened out. What movie did you take the sprogs to see?

Chickie said...

themom - I lmao too when it hit me why he was quizzing me the way that he was about my weekend.

The Monogram Queen - The Dark Knight. I'd said that I'd wait for it to come on t.v. or dvd but the boys were dying to go. Glad we did because it was really good.