I Love My Pets. Really. I Do.

Once upon a time there was a Girl and her fish died.

So she got a new one.

He was a good fish.

One day, while in Wallyworld, The Girl decided that Pete7's bowl needed some jazzing up. Maybe he would appreciate some new rocks? Oh, look! Let's get these glass marble things that are red and gold! Now his bowl will match the color scheme on the table that he resides on!

Pete7 was happy for a few months. To be honest, The Girl never really looked at Pete7. She tossed him food sometimes but never really looked at him.

Until suppertime one night.

The Girl noticed that Pete7 had a giant tumor on his head. So giant that he could hardly swim straight.

Then, The Girl noticed that the pretty rocks were no longer pretty. They were plain and clear.

It appeared that the lead paint on the made in China marbles had flaked off. And now Pete7 had a hideous lump on his head. (I so wanted to take a cheese grater to it to try and "cure" him but Sweety vetoed the idea.)

Coincidence? I think not.

Pete7 fought a good fight and had a nice watery funeral a several weeks later.

I think I'm going to reflect on my pet ownership skills before adopting Pete8.


Becky said...

What can you do, ya know? You should sue Wally World for hurting your fish!

I guess you found my secret blog. (other than the one this is linked to). I see it linked on the side! LOL. Glad you figured out it was me, although I wasn't really hiding, just not "publishing."

Oh, and I read your comment below about "before your Tom Cruise boycott." OMG! I'm the same way. He was my dream man, my favorite actor, and now...uh, not so much. Such a pity.


Chickie said...

I can't really blame Wally World. The marbles weren't in the pet section. They were in the arts & crafts aisle.

Oh yeah, I found you! You can't hide from me :)

Tom Cruise was okay before he lost his fucking mind.

AmyD said...

OMG. That's AWFUL!!!!

And... seriously? I cannot stand Tom Cruise. I don't even like Katie Holmes anymore. Freakin' weirdos.

Chickie said...

I felt pretty bad once I figured out what was causing the growth on his head. This must be why pet stores sell shit just for fish...

Katie Holmes freaks me out now too. I think he drugs her. Or else he has a giant weenie and knows how to use it. Probably the drugging.

Mike said...

Perhaps you could do us all a favor and adopt Tom Cruise.

Make sure you buy all of his "decorations" from Wally World.

Chickie said...

You know, I'll bet he is small enough to fit inside Pete7's empty bowl!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Every time you turn around there is another horror story about the things made in China, destroying our loved ones! Poor Pete7. May he Rest In Peace!
I don't think there is anything wrong with your Pet Skills,dear Chickie....It's that our Government is not vigilant enough about what is imported from certain places!

Sara Sue said...

Poor, poor, pitiful Pete! I like the sound of Pete8 better than Pete7. I guess 7 isn't always a lucky number, huh?

Thomas said...

I don't name the bettas any more.
They die like plague rats, so why bother


Cissy Strutt said...

Happy birthday dear chickie - glad you got a cake & flowers - what could be better?

themom said...

I may send thegrandsons fish to you - I think it is on its last leg..er fin!! It only swims upside down and backwards...can't figure this one out. Of course if thedaughter would clean its bowl I might be able to see it better also!! I gave up "kid pet duty" after Brownie the hamster died. My duties are the large dawg and psychotic cat!!! Poor fishie...being tended by incompetants!

Shover Robot said...

awwww the poor fish!

That's why I don't buy anything made in China anymore. Can't trust them with you're pets or kids.

moooooog35 said...

I hope they checked the paint in the Olympic Pool...otherwise Michael Phelps is in some deep shit.

Monogram Queen said...

Our "Rainbow" was not long for this world either. I have never had any luck with Fish. Thank God I can raise a dog and so far a child sucessfully!

Chickie said...

Lady of the Hills - I can’t let the Government take the blame for all of this. There is probably a reason the rocks were in the arts & crafts sections and not the pet aisle. But then again, what if a kid ate a marble out of a flower arrangement or something? Probably wouldn’t be good.

Sara Sue - Pete8 sounds better to me too. Matter of fact, I kept typing in an 8 when I meant to use a 7 in that post.

Thomas - Aw, they need a name! Mine usually last about 2 years. I’ve had them since I was 15 or 16 and they’ve all been named Pete.

Cissy Strutt - Thank you! Nothing could have been better. LB picked out the flowers and was so pleased that I liked them. That made my day.

themom - Fish are pretty much screwed, aren’t they? It’s not like they can really do anything to get attention if they want to act up. Put some peroxide in thegrandsons fish bowl. The fish will go quickly. My sister killed TheOriginalPete in this manner.

Shover Robot - I’m more conscious about where things are made since watching Pete’s demise.

moooooog35 - True, true. They should let some fish swim in it for awhile to test it. Kind of like miner’s taking parakeets into coal mining tunnels.

Monogram Queen - We’ve had really bad luck with fish. BB had a tankful and now there is just the tank.

Anonymous said...

Sucks about Pete. Makes me wonder how safe anything made in China is. I can't believe that we import medicine from there. When are you going to get Pete8?

Chickie said...

Pete8 will be adopted within the next couple of weeks. I'm taking time to grieve.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

I had to euthanize my favorite fish about 1 month ago. He's still in the freezer awaiting a proper burial (I can't bear to just throw him out with the garbage.)

Rest in piece Pete7.

Chickie said...

I wasn't home when Pete7 bit the bullet so Sweety just flushed him. If I had been home, I'd have hurled him at the retention pond in the backyard.

He probably got a more dignified burial with Sweety.