Wootie Woot

It's Friday night! Well, it's really Saturday morning but whose who's counting? Hey, did I use "whose" right there? Mebbe.

Polishing off a mixture of ginger ale and Crown Royal that is 6 weeks old. It ages well.

I think Sweety is watching the Olympics. All I see are some running motherfuckers.

I think if I can get Sweety drunk enough that he will let Tiny Dog sleep with me.

Why is he tweaking his own nipple?

Sometimes when I'm really aggravated - I think JFK! or KFC! as short for Jesus Fucking Christ. I know Christ starts with a C and not a K and I don't know why I'd think of Kentucky Fried Chicken when I'm pissed. Is this subliminal?

Hey. Looking at that. JFK could be John F. Kennedy, huh?

Agh, KFB. What an asshole. Sweety likes to push my buttons.

We washed Tiny Dog 5 days ago and I put some perfume that I got as a sample on her and you can still smell it. Bitch is supernatural. Or Stella perfume really kicks ass. I'm leaning towards Tiny being supernatural. I wore Stella once but still needed a bath after only one day.

Heh. I just sucked the last of the soda out of the bottle. The only things left to drink in the house are a couple of sips of Gatorade and some Bacardi 151.

Do you twitter? You need to follow my sister. She's tickles me.

Hahahahaha! I think Sweety is going to bed! Do you know what this means? I can skip my shower and take one in the morning AND take Tiny Bed to dog with me! I'll have to wait til I hear him snore though.

Do you think it's weird if you let your dog stick its head in your mouth? I think that as long as her fur doesn't touch the inside of my mouth that it's okay. Some folks think it's odd.

1:32 and all is weeeeelllll! Night.


AmyD said...

I love your attachment to Tiny. Hope you got to sneak her into bed. Damn, fun ruining Sweety.

Chickie said...

I did get her into the bed! Sweety didn't even notice that she was there until he was getting up this morning.

Seriously, if he'd let her sleep with us, I wouldn't even entertain the notion of having kids.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

When Fiero was a kitten, for some unfathomable reason he loved to shove his little head into my mouth. Once I was yawning, and he caught me unawares.

I personally can't sleep if the cats are not with me in the bed.

bekah said...

Sorry, but it's "who's" in that context.

themom said...

All my cats, at one time or another, wanted to get their little heads in my mouht, but never the dog. Yours is exceptional. Now twittering with the sister!!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Probably want to keep dog parts out of your mouth, no telling where they've been...

Cissy Strutt said...

Yay for bekah, I'm not the only grammar grump. It is "who's" because it is a contraction of "who is".

Loved hearing about your night of shenanigans.

Mike said...

I bite Carmen's ears on a regular basis.

Chickie said...

here today, gone tomorrow - I think Tiny likes to put her head in there because that’s where she sees food going. She never licks inside my mouth. Just looks.

I’m going on two nights where I’ve managed to sneak her into the bed at some point.

bekah & Cissy Strutt - In the sober light of day, I do see my grammar mistake. I’m going to fix it. Cissy, I may have to do another post like that. That post was really about 3 hours worth of sitting on the couch.

The Phosgene Kid - Reading your comment made me think of where I’ve seen her mouth. I’ve seen her lick her legs but never her butthole. I can live with that.

Mike - Carmen likes it rough, huh? I like to pet Tiny’s ears with my lips.

Monogram Queen said...

Chickie ... Odd and You don't belong in the same sentence. You are just YOU!

Chickie said...

You know that I take that as a compliment!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...I cannot imagine your moyth being big enough for Tiny's Head....but, obviuously I am wrong.....AND, Big enough that no hair touches the inside of your mouth??? Well, to each his own!
I don't understand why Sweety is so against Tiny being in the bed with you all? Do you think he is jealous? (lol)