Lazy Thursday

Tiny Dog is on a supplement for her leg that likes to flop out of socket. She just started taking it but hopefully it will work and we won't have to go the surgical route. The pills are huge. Really big. She takes 1/2 of one and I have to chop it in half or thirds to hide it in food for her.

Tonight as I was chopping up the pill, I had a huge urge chop it up like cocaine and then use my driver's license to put it in neat rows and then see if she would snort it. Lucky for her, the urge subsided while I was digging around in my purse for the license and I just mixed it up with her food instead. But I wonder? Could she be forced trained to snort the shit? That would be so much easier than hiding it in food. Sometimes she finds it and spits it out. That infuriates me. I'm just trying to make you feel better. Eat it! Eat it!

When I lived in Texas, I worked the overnight shift in the office at a big box retailer's distribution center. There I met one of my dearest buddies (S) and she's still with the same company. We might not talk on the phone for months at a time but when we do talk, it's like we just spoke yesterday. She's in FL for work for a couple of weeks and she came here on her days off. She got here Tuesday night and we took the boys and NeighborGirl to Sea World yesterday. NG and the boys went off on their own and rode rides while S and I did the shows and walked all over the place. She had to leave this morning but it was so good to see her. This is the first time she's been to my house down here and the first time she's met the boys. LittleBrother(11) really took to her and wanted to hang out whenever we were sitting around talking. That surprised me because he usually hides from strangers.

I took today as a vacation day because S and I had planned on going to the beach but the weather didn't cooperate this morning so she just went back to her hotel that's a few hours away. I think I was still tired from all the walking yesterday because the girls and I napped on the couch for the larger part of the day.

It's official - I can't eat jalapeno peppers like popcorn anymore. I swear, every time I've been to the bathroom today - Stinky Dog lays down in the line of sight of the doorway and Tiny Dog humps the hell out of her. It's kind of unsettling to try and do violent business in the bathroom with the "tap-tap-tap-tap" sound that Tiny's back feet make on the floor while she's humping. Very surreal.

I better go. Sweety just called and he's on his way home. I need to bathe and try to look presentable. Or clean at the very least.


themom said...

Oh the horrid effets of jalapeno peppers - and maybe, just maybe the dogs are just trying to distract themselves from your obnoxious dumping...hahaha!

AmyD said...

The humping thing would drive me bonkers!!!

Monogram Queen said...

So glad you got to spend time with your friend!
I almost picked up a Basset Hound yesterday. I took a pic of him with my cellphone. If I see him again near my parents house running with no collar - he's mine!

Chickie said...

themom - Maybe. But I think Tiny is taking advantage of the fact that I can't hop up and make her quit.

AmyD - It does. I was telling LB a story the other night and we could hear the tapping of her toenails through the door the whole time. Agh.

Monogram Queen - Me too. It was neat to hang out with her at my house! So, does this mean if Stinky shows up in your yard that you will adopt her?