Snoop With Me

alternate title: Now you know how strange I really am.

I spent a some time at my friend Elaine's house when I was on vacation a few weeks ago. Her Mama has recently went to stay in an assisted living place and her house is next door to Elaine's. She knows how fond I am of snooping and offered up Mama's house for my snooping pleasure.

I'd planned on going over there and spending a few hours leisurely poking through drawers but time got away from me and it got to be my last day there. I usually go to the place that I used to work at in Texas to say hi to some people and it was either go say hi or snoop.

Snooping won.

Elaine actually went to work and told everyone that I blew them off to snoop through Mama's house. I wish she hadn't done that. Now everyone really knows what a whackjob I am.

You can learn lots of things by snooping.

Mama's cupboard is very neat and orderly. Not surprising because she is one very put together lady. Whenever I see her she's always cute. Even if she's just in the yard or something.

It appears that she has a fondness for shampoo samples, soap samples & germX. It is good to be clean.

I was also able to see where Elaine gets her love of Clinque products. See that little white thing in the bottom of the photo? That's a little brush that folds out. Elaine had one and gave it to me last year after I organized her towel closet.

When I first got to her house, E was showing me around and pointing out places that I might want to snoop in. She told me if there was anything that I wanted to let her know. She was a few steps ahead of me in the hallway and I pointed at something hanging on the wall and said that I liked it just as she said "anything except Grandma's fan. Of course, I was pointing at Grandma's fan. That is something that she has to keep with her but she said I can have it when she dies. Elaine is 25 years older than me and has said that when I'm her age that she probably won't be around. I prefer to think that she'll live to be at least 100.

Poking through a clothing drawer, I found these things. My first thought was that they were urinal cakes. But why would a little old lady keep urinal cakes? Were they some sort of souviner? When I got brave enough to touch one I realized it was fancy soap. Not a urinal cake.

This was something I thought was really neat. They are brooches that belonged to E's Grandma and they are just stuck into that thing. Like a decorative pincushion. Very pretty.

Mama also had tons of jewelry. There was a brown drawer full of it and also a red drawer. I'd never seen so much dress-up stuff before.

She had a plate collection on one wall with some really neat plates. The oriental one was my favorite. For some reason, these figurines and jar really caught my eye. As I looked at the figures, I made up a short story about what they were doing. (He was asking her to dance and she didn't want to. She was getting ready to hide in the white jar.)

This is E's senior portrait. She doesn't want it because she says "why would I want to hang up a photo of myself" and I told her I'd take it and put it up because I love it.

I didn't get to have a relaxing snoop because time was short. It was maybe a good 20 minutes and I giggled like a lunatic the whole time. She had some cedar chests that I would have liked to have gotten into and I didn't even peek into the boxes in the closet. Maybe next year.


Sara Sue said...

Oh Chickie Baby!! Thank you so much for letting me snoop too! Please extent my thanks to E, how wonderful!

Cissy Strutt said...

We already knew just exactly how strange you really are. And we love it!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a Treasure Trove....! I can sure see why you would want Grandma's Fan! It is gorgeous.....And all that Jewelry---so beautifully organized, too!
Great Snooping, my dear.

Monogram Queen said...

I heartily enjoyed that "snoop" and I love the picture of Elain also! Glad you took it and appreciate it!

Thomas said...

Feels good to know I am not the biggest whack job in the blogosphere

Good work


The Phosgene Kid said...

Careful where you snoop here. We have black widows and scorpions.

rennratt said...

My sister and I have a CASE of photos that need to be gone through.

I'll let you snoop if you'll help organize.

You can make up stories of who all of the people are, too.

I'll scrapbook the results.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

I thoroughly enjoyed that snoop!

Chickie said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed it!

Thomas - It warms the cockles of my heart to know that I have beaten somebody in something. Even if it is whackjobness.

Rennratt- That sounds like fun!