Officially Medicated

I am now the proud owner of prescription meds to help me hang on to sanity. Paxil and Xanax. I took a Paxil this a.m. but haven't taken any Xanax yet. I'm kind of afraid to after seeing how my sister acted after she took it. But I guess the difference is I don't plan on taking 6 and washing it down with beer.

Sweety is kind of nerky about me taking medicine. He said he was raised in the manner that you just suck up whatever life throws at you. I told him he was a bigger person than me cause I can't do it anymore. He also learned yesterday that I have this blog. He wasn't crazy about that either. I told him he can have the address but after thinking about it he said he doesn't want to read what comes out of my head.

I'm going to go and eat lunch today at school with Sylvie and my youngest stepson, LB. They don't know it yet. I learned a long time ago to not announce it to them or they spend all day at the school telling the teacher every 5 minutes that I'm going to be there later.

Gonna go to the gym today and see about joining. I've decided that if I can go 3 months with exercising properly and being kind to my body my treat is going to be a new dog. My sister took her chihuahua back from me when she moved back to Oklahoma. I'd gotten quite attached to the 4 pound monster.

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