I have been have some Strange dreams. I used to have flying dreams a lot. Where if something was chasing me I could just zoom away. If something was after me or if I had somewhere to get in a hurry I'd just float out of there. Usually my flying would take place starting from around where I grew up. I loved my flying dreams. I wish they would come back.

In their place are new dreams where I'm usually stuck in an industrial ceiling, either trying to hide from someone/something or am trying to get out. Sometimes I'll poke my way through what I think is the top but just be in another layer of ceiling. I've had this kind of dream before so they're not too unsettling.

And for the last few nights I've been dreaming about invisible lions. Invisible killer lions. That just roam the streets eating people. And you can't see them unless they get a coating of blood and dust on their invisible outlines. I don't know what the hell these dreams mean. I was afraid to go to sleep last night because I didn't want a visit from them. These dreams are creepy.

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