Why I like my Sweety

I'm feeling mushy. Maybe I'm just tired. But I'm missing him now. Sometimes working kind of opposite schedules really sucks.

I call him Charlie sometimes in my head, as in Charlie Brown. That's who he reminded me of when I first met him. I saw him and his boys wearing complimentary polo type shirts, khaki shorts and socks pulled up their calves when I got off the plane to meet them. They were so cute. I told him I called him Charlie in my head sometimes but he didn't take it as a compliment. But I do mean it as such.

He's so nice. He puts up with all of my quirks. It seemed crazy that within a couple of weeks of meeting I knew he was "the one". We met on a blind date. He was coming to TX from FL to visit his sister and he told me that when he was driving there he had a feeling that it was going to turn into something good before he even met me. I didn't share the feeling. I blew off meeting him for 3 days just because I didn't want to suffer through a blind date. I'd done it once before, with disastrous results. I think I may post about that date later. It's the one instance in my life that I can remember every detail to.

He's great with his kids. They adore him. As does my niece. I think she likes him more than she likes me. He helps around the house. He doesn't grouch when the house gets messy. He helped me clean on Saturday before we left to go running around and it was SOO nice to come home to a clean house. He even washed the dog for me while I cleaned other things.

He's been willing to try new things since meeting me. He'd never had a shot of liquor in his life and he's 7 years older than me. I broke him in on tequila. It was a wild body shot night :) He'd never ran a tab in a bar either or put a dinner out on a credit card. Gee, it kind of looks like I've been a bad influence. But we only go out and get nuts every other weekend when the boys aren't here.

He's always doing nice things for me. I think the best surprise ever was when I woke up at 10 a.m. to the smell of him frying squash and seeing a frosty can of Coke on the counter. The man knows what I like. He used to bring me avocados and mixed nuts all the time but I had to ask him to lay off. I was getting fat.

Sometimes I feel like I don't do enough for him. I've been trying to keep the house tidier. Maybe I will start to cook more. Cook more things that Do Not come out of a frozen box.

We work well together. I love him so.

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