Sweety left for work early and I just can't go back to sleep. Rats. I don't want to take anything to make me sleepy cause I gotta get up in an hour anyway.

Took the kiddos to the park after school yesterday and damn near broke my tailbone. They always want me to get on the equipment and play with them. When they were small and me pretending I was a Power Ranger was enough, that was cool. But now they want to play tag. And it wears my physically unfit self out. So usually, if I'm taking them to the park we'll go somewhere that will be populated with other kids or I'll wear clothing that I can't play tag in. But yesterday we went to a nice new deserted park and I had on my workout clothes. No excuses. I had to play. LB(8) chased me to the edge of the second tier of equipment and in my frenzy to get away from him I just bailed off to the ground. I figured I'd be okay. I see them bound off of it all the time. HA! I landed flat on my ass. I think the force of the fall compressed my spine. I'm at least and inch shorter today than I was yesterday. And of course I was tagged "it" during my ungraceful descent to the ground. So I'm chasing BB(10) and he falls down and starts crawling/scrambling away as fast as he can. My first thought isn't "Oh no! Wonder if he's hurt?" it's more of "You better tag him while he's on all fours or you're gonna be it the whole time we're here!" After about 90 seconds of him trying to get away I tag him. I feel guilty later when he's rubbing his knees that are now black from the friction burn he got trying to escape me. I considered the playing with the kids my exercise and didn't go to the gym yesterday. I was too tired after all that.

I promised Sylvie(5) that I would wait for her to get out of school today before taking stinky dog Tasha to the dog park and that afterwards I'd take her to the people park. On Wednesdays the boys are picked up from school by their mom and they didn't like hearing of our plans. I told them I couldn't take them all to the paw park anyway cause for every adult there can be no more than 3 beings (animal and child). Tonight Sylvie and I are going to the school for an hour long workshop to help me help her learn to read better. This learning to read thing is killing me. I could kill my sister for not spending any time working with her. But I can tell that she's doing 100% better at picking up stuff than she was when she first got here. I'm glad to see improvement or I would be tempted to throw in the towel.

Sweety and LB had to go to the exwife's house to pick up some homework that LB had left behind. Sweety reported that EW is really starting to fatten up with the pregnancy. Good. I hope her ankles break under the additional weight. Sweety can't believe that I still delight in her discomfort. I told him basically if someone goes out of their way countless times to be a pain in my ass and anything bad ever happens to them in their life I'm not going to feel sorry for them in the least. I'm a fan of what goes around comes around and I believe revenge is tasty cold.

I've made it through a few baseball seasons sitting with her in the stands making chit-chat while Sweety coaches. All the while trying to ignore the loud screeching that her voice would cause in my brain and the headache that I'd get from being pleasant. I got on to LB at one game because he kept backtalking her and was actually stomping on her feet and kicking dirt on her. After we got in the car to go home I told him that I didn't care if I was there and his mom was there if he ever acted like that again and I saw it he would be punished at our house too. If I was totally evil I would have delighted in that too, right? After that at the games if he started to act up she'd point out to him that I was sitting nearby and he better straighten up. How backwards is that?

I'm a big blog lurker. I love to read about other people's lives. Sometimes it makes me think back on things I've dealt with. I can't believe how much different this marriage is from my first one. I don't think anyone who's a freshly turned 18 should be allowed to marry. But then again if I hadn't been with my first husband I'd probably have not been in the right place at the right time to meet my Sweety. One good thing I did get from the first go around was a great set of in-laws that I'm still friends with. And a really neato nephew. My nephew came to visit us in December 2003 and ended up calling Sweety "uncle". My former sister in law has 3 kids- the nephew, one niece and one brand new nephew that I haven't even met yet. I'm especially close with my nephew cause he was the first baby that I got to be around. I loved watching him. I wouldn't put him down. One time my SIL called me and asked me if I'd put him down at all in the last 24 hours and I had to admit that I had not. I think babies are for spoiling. They won't be small enough to sleep on your chest forever! I can't wait til this summer gets here so I can go visit my mom in Oklahoma and my friends in Texas.

I guess I shall go find some clothes to wear for the day.

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