Still Our Friends

I was really worried that I had totally offended the couple we were out with the other night with some of my drunken antics and ramblings. But apparently all is good. Good. Don told Sweety that after they got home his wife kept at him in the bedroom til about 3 a.m. No word on if she finally swallowed. And she told Sweety they had a large time out with us and would love to do it again. Maybe people like to talk about lesbianism, anal sex and blow jobs more than I'd realized. I think after I commented that I like nipples but am not a huge fan of anything else on some other female form it kinda opened the floodgates to a no holds barred type conversation. Whew, I was afraid I'd alienated the only one kind-of-friend we hang out with that I'd managed to make down here. I'm still going to maybe censor myself a little bit the next time we go out. Or at least learn to lower my voice when discussing such matters.

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