It is Good

Just got off my first full shift with my new schedule. I love it. I don't love my job, but if I've gotta do what I'm doing, I'm in the best place for it. Yay!

Came in and saw Sweety off to work. He caught me eating pizza and jalapeno peppers right out of the jar. I love pickled jalapenos. I think I may try to grill some in a sandwich sometime.

Got all of Sylvie's clothes laid out so we can get up and get to school in time for her to eat breakfast there. We do that on Friday's since the boys aren't here. She'd like to go during the week but they refuse. So it's mine and her date on Friday mornings.

Gonna have to put my earplugs in to muffle stinky dog sounds. I wish I could find a nice older lesbian couple that wanted a bassett hound. She'd love that. She's terrified of men and boys. She loves Sylvie(5). They play tag. I let them sleep together sometimes. She's such a good bed buddy. Too stinky right now for my bed though. I'll let my hand dangle over the edge and she'll pet her head with it til she gets tired then she'll go get in her own bed.

My lips are burning from all the pepper juice. Very Angelina Jolie-ish. She is so hot. I buy every magazine that has her in it. Sweety knows that if the chance ever comes up I'd leave him for her. I think our marriage is safe.

Wow. I am dinged out. Tired tired.

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Kay said...

I am so hot for Angelina Jolie myself. Just her breasts drive me wild. Anyway, I like your blog - might go back through and read more when I have the time, but I'll definitely read your future stuff.