Oh Phooey

I just realized that when I posted a comment on someone's blog earlier that I didn't do it anonymously. I did it so it links back here. This wouldn't be a big deal but it's a blog that Sweety keeps up with and I know he'll recognize the post as mine. He knows about my blog and it's not like I write any big secrets here but I'd feel self conscious if I knew he was reading it. And I know he would make good natured fun of me about things that I write until I stabbed him with hot forks of displeasure. I posted another comment to the blog owner asking if he could delete my post or something. Maybe he will. If he doesn't maybe Sweety won't see it anyway. I guess if he does it's a sign. A sign for me to start a new blog. Cause I know if he found my blog he wouldn't be able to keep it to himself. He'd have to share the discovery with me to let me know how un-clever I can be.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, this is the person you asked, and I did.

But remember, the problem is, even tho the comment is deleted, it still says your name, but below that, "This comment was deleted."

So if Sweety recognizes that name as one you use...you're toasted any way you look at it.

Um....I guess I could kill the whole post if it's really a big deal. Email me directly (link is on my blog, I'm intentionally not mentioning it here so as not to leave any tracks to be followed either way...hahah...this is all so clandestine!!) and tell me what domain Sweety would most likely be coming "in" from.

If he hasn't read the page yet, I'll whack the entire blog entry and re-post it with a small explanation at the top. There weren't any significant comments anyway.


I'm here for a little while yet, so, will check my mail every so often hoping you write to that blog's email address.