My Own Muppet

I think she is quite twee looking in her new threads.

And just a little more tiny dog and I'll lay off her for awhile.

Here she is digging for treats in the trash.

And there she goes upon realizing that she's on Candid Camera.

I'll stop taking pictures of Oy for today. I think her retinas are fixing to burn out and I can hardly stand all the cuteness.


Zube Girl said...

Oh, so twee!

You're one step ahead of me! I haven't yet used it.

Chickie said...

When I saw your word, I knew it was the perfect description.

I almost want to rename her Twee. But that might really confuse her.

Bekah said...

Aren't Chihuahuas already always confused, Chickie?

And, holy shit, can you please just mail her to me? I want her. I'll trade you Duce!! LOL.

Chickie said...

bekah - I think Oy is to freaking crazy to be confused.

If my stepson, BB, knew of the Duce for Oy trade offer he'd have her in an express envelope tomorrow. Mental note to self: make sure he NEVER finds this site.